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Men Of War: Assault Squad 2 - Cold War [UPDATED]

Men of War was the first to be put under the Men of War name. At the time of release, it had the largest single-player campaign. The game includes enhanced graphics compared to Faces of War, and a more expansive single and multiplayer. Part of the single-player game reverts to the Soldiers: Heroes of World War II style of battles, with control of a small squad being put in the hands of the player against a larger enemy. Other single-player missions require the player to control larger forces in defense of an area, although even those missions provide the player with an outnumbered force. Larger battles usually require the player to eventually assault the enemy rather than defend, if the latter had been given. The multiplayer expanded beyond the standard of Faces of War, with a larger number of maps of bigger size. Also included were four factions (Germany, the UK, America and the Soviet Union), which eventually was increased to five with the introduction of Japan in a patch (only in multiplayer).

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Cold War

The legendary men of War RTS series has finally reached the Cold War era. Take command of either U.S. Or Soviet forces, fulfil mission objectives and claim victory! Control vast armies of regular and specialized units, including support vehicles, light and heavy tanks, artillery vehicles, combat helicopters and game-changing Jet fighters. Take to the battlefields of destroyed cities, fortified border zones, rural farmlands, destroyed airbases and sleepy winter villages in the latest instalment of this classic RTS series, In which strong leadership and good management are the keys to success. For the first time in the series, dynamic campaign generation makes its debut. Men of War: assault squad 2 - cold War gives players nearly endless experiences in both single player and cooperative campaign modes!. 041b061a72


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