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Ragnarok Emoticons For Facebook Chat [BEST]

Facebook Emoticons Plus is an open source program that brings you a set of emoticons that you can use when chatting on Facebook. You can choose from a large variety of emoticons that will express how you feel or a situation on your Facebook posts, either if you like it, dislike it or you are happy or sad.

ragnarok emoticons for facebook chat

Facecons is an application that you use for communication and chating. Downloading Facecons you can get amazing Facebook emoticons and animations, fun and very easy to use in your private conversations with your friends. It has a fun and exciting content that will enrich your chat experience and allow you to better express yourself

MyEmoticons is a browser addon that provides hundreds of new emoticons for Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. It works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. You can also add these emoticons on your Facebook chat, wall, and messaging interfaces.

I can't really explain it any other way, you know? Why would Riot put time and effort into adding codes for specific emoticons for the chat? Look at the screenshot above, those emoticons really don't look like a done deal yet, eh? But it could be that we might see this on live servers at some point in the future.

Hello Joren, is it possible to customize my chatbot to be the whatsapp icon? the same way you have facebook messenger as the channel for chatting.And is it possible to have the whatsapp chat still on the platform or it must reroute to whatsapp


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