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Subtitle Intimate.Confessions.Of.A.Chinese.Cour... [NEW]

Bruka, Queen of Evil (Ren tou she aka Devil Woman Part 2, 1973, horror, martial arts) TAGALOG (?) LANGUAGE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Felix Villar and Chi-Lien Yu, Hong Kong / Philippines Please note: We've recently re-synced the audio track on this title so now it more-or-less matches the visuals. Batshit crazy follow-up to Devil Woman! Manda the snake woman is saved by a giant python with the head of an old lady that turns out to be her grandmother! After explaining to her why Manda was born a snake-headed moster, she persuades her to exact revenge on the townspeople with the assistance of several hellish slave-creatures including a bat-man, a tree-thing, rock people and a hoard of evil kung fu dwarfs! The subtitles are a bit hard to read at times but overall are okay, VHS quality. Includes the original theatrical trailer! Rated R

subtitle Intimate.Confessions.Of.A.Chinese.Cour...


South Sea Blood Letter (1984, horrific drama) CHINESE LANGUAGE WITH NO SUBTITLES Directed by Tsai Ku and Chou Ming Hung, Hong Kong Despite what's been written on imdb, this is NOT a Category III movie but rather an intense and serious drama about a boat of refuges escaping the war in Viet Nam whom crash on an uninhabited island and are driven by hunger to cannibalism. A well made movie but the lack of English subtitles makes this one for completists only. Very hard to find! Starring Lo Chun Hsiung, Wang Pan-Yu, Chen Yeh-Sin and Jin Shih. Rated R

Zhu Hong Wu (aka Legend of Chu Hung Wu holding court aka The Founding of Ming Dynasty, 1971, fantasy / adventure) WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE MANDARIN LANGUAGE WITH BURNT-IN ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Ta-Chuan Hsu (as Da Chuan Hsu), Taiwan RECENTLY ADDED! Details coming soon, movie available now! Starring Chin Chyi, Lin Yang and Eric Tsang. Please not that while we did do a fair amount of work fixing up the picture the burnt-in English subtitles are sometimes cut off on the sides due to some cropping.

In this capacity, however, the tableau takes an odd turn when the narrator inserts himself into it: 'the next article should naturally be myself --a picture of the Opium-eater, with his "little golden receptacle of the pernicious drug", lying beside him on the table'. (62) The phrase 'pernicious drug' is taken from a novel the narrator cites earlier in a footnote: Thomas Hope's Anastasias, or, Memoirs of a Greek (1819). (63) But it also recalls Hanway's characterization of tea, which his essay (the very subtitle tells us) 'considered as pernicious to health'. (64) Two things occur simultaneously in this moment: the scene of scholarly tranquility becomes a portrait of addiction, and the case for tea is corrupted by the testimony of the Opium-eater's body. Johnson had supported his claims of English physiological 'indifference' to tea by offering his own body as evidence: in Hanway's warnings about the 'pernicious' effects of tea, Johnson writes, 'he has aggravated in the vehemence of his zeal', for 'after soliciting them by this watery luxury, year after year, I have not yet felt [them]'. (65) But the Opium-eater is defined by exactly the kind of relationship to Chinese substances against which Hanway sounded the alarm. The 'marvellous contrast' of worlds we have been led to expect by the juxtaposition of tea-drinking and opium-eating folds, in the figure of the Opium-eater himself, into an unsettling consonance. Even as opium usurps the role of protagonist from the narrator, the eternal tea-pot' exerts pressure on opium's own semantic autonomy. Its seemingly innocuous but ubiquitous presence, in challenging opium's prerogative to define the world into which the Opium-eater's agency disappears, threatens to come startlingly to the fore of the image.

THE CIRCLE. A woman gives birth to a baby girl. Little does she know but she and her daughter are already unwanted. Three women are released from prison and their need for money leads them to take desperate measures. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 31 min. Farsi/Farsi with English subtitles. Special features include: Trailers, weblinks, and DVD-ROM essay. DVD. [AR 3]

THE SILENCES OF THE PALACE. Set in Tunisia in the 1950s in the shimmering reflection of royal life before any revolution. This is a powerful film about the silence imposed on women in the Arab-Muslim world. 1996. Color. 2 hr. 7 min. Arabic with English subtitles. VHS. [AR 1]

THE WIND WILL CARRY US. A filmmaker from Tehran travels to a remote mountain village secretly planning to record a local ritual ceremony surrounding an old dying woman. 1999. Color. 1 hr. 58 min. Farsi with optional English subtitles. DVD. [AR 4]

BEIJING ROCKS. Wondering through the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, the Tienanmen Square as well as the chic embassy districts are our three main characters: Yang Yin, a starry-eyed dance girl in search of love; Ping Lu, an impetuous Beijing Rock and Roll singer in search of recognition; and Michael, a Hong Kong-born and overseas-educated composer in search of himself. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 45 min. Mandarin/Mandarin with Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English subtitles. Special features include: Alternate ending, making of, cast, and credits. DVD. [CH 7]

FLOWERS OF SHANGHAI. The elegant brothels of 19th century Shanghai provide the setting for Hou Hsiao-hsien's mesmerizing examination of a time and place where rituals shaped the destinies of the beautiful "flower girls" as they tried to find security with their wealthy callers. 1998. Color. 2 hr. 5 min. Mandarin/Mandarin with English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailers, and weblinks. DVD. [CH 9]

JU DOU. The erotic thriller that China didn't want you to see. An exquisitely photographed and smartly performed drama of secret love and hidden faces. Trouble closely follows passion when a beautiful young bride is drawn to the handsome, strong nephew of her new husband, an ancient and disagreeable owner of an isolated dye factory. 1989. Color. 1 hr. 38 min. Mandarin/Mandarin with English subtitles. DVD. [CH 8]

LOVERS LOST. Lovers Lost tells the poignant love story between a twenty-nine-year-old woman, who has once been a prostitute but is now the mistress of a wealthy merchant, and a nineteen-year-old college student. 1982. Color. 2 hr. 3 min. Chinese/Chinese with Chinese/English subtitles. Special features include: Director's biography and filmography and collectible handbill with in-depth production notes. DVD. [CH 11]

ROAD HOME, THE. When his father dies, Luo Yusheng returns from the city to his childhood village where his father was the much-revered local teacher. But what begins as a short trip to bury his father becomes much more when he learns his mother wants a traditional burial for her beloved husband. 2000. Color. 1 hr. 29 min. Mandarin/French with optional English/French subtitles. Special features include: trailers and filmographies. DVD. [CH 5]

TEMPTRESS MOON. A lush, lyrical parable about the modernization of China, Temptress Moon is the story of Zhongliang (Leslie Cheung), a Shanghai gangster raised on the sumptuous rural estate of the powerful, opium-addled Pang family. As a boy, Zhongliang, promised the life of a student, becomes instead a servant for his sister and her drug-addicted husband and a playmate for Ruyi (Gong Li), the female heir to the Pang dynasty. A permanent outsider, Zhongliang escapes the painful decadence of the Pang household and becomes a smooth-talking mobster, seducing women in the jazz-saturated clubs of 1920s Shanghai, but he is forced to face his past when hired to seduce and abduct Ruyi in a criminal attempt to gain control over the now vulnerable Pang estate. What begins as a routine seduction becomes more complicated when Zhongliang finds himself unable to escape his true feelings for Ruyi and crippling memories of his painful childhood. 2002. Color. 1 hr. 55 min. Chinese/Chinese with English/Spanish subtitles. Special features include: Trailer. DVD. [CH 10]

WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? The story of Hsiao Kang who sells watched in the streets of Taipei for a living. A few days after his fathers death, he meets Shiang- chyi, a young woman who leaves for Paris the very next day. 2001. Color. 1 hr. 56 min. Mandarin/Taiwanese/French with optional English subtitles. Special features include: Filmographies, trailers, weblinks, and director's notes. DVD. [CH 6]

YI YI. This film follows the lives of NJ Jain, his wife, Min-Min, and their two kids who share their Taipei apartment with Min-Min's elderly mother. 1999. Color. 2 hr. 53 min. Mandarin/Mandarin with English subtitles. Special features include: Production credits, filmographies, trailer, audio commentary by the director, and weblinks. DVD. [CH 2]

400 BLOWS, THE (CRITERION COLLECTION). François Truffaut's first feature is also his most personal. Told through the eyes of Truffaut's cinematic counterpart, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud), The 400 Blows sensitively re-creates the trials of Truffaut's own difficult childhood, unsentimentally portraying aloof parents, oppressive teachers, and petty crime. The film marks Truffaut's passage from leading critic of the French New Wave to his emergence as one of Europe's most brilliant auteurs. 1959. Black and White. 1hr. 39min. French with English subtitles. DVD. Special Features include rare newsreel footage, audio commentaries, audition footage, and interviews. [FR 37B]

400 BLOWS, THE. Thirteen-year-old Antoine is receiving more than his share of hard knocks from selfish, unloving parents and harsh schoolteachers. Is Antoine a lost cause, or will his indomitable spirit prevail? With sensitivity, humor, and poignancy, Truffaut explores the pain and joy of childhood. 1959. B&W. 1 hr. 39 min. French with English subtitles. VHS. [FR 37A] 041b061a72


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