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Hunter Phillips
Hunter Phillips

(20-02-2021) Do You Want A Bullet From My Gun.mp4 PATCHED

Note: Next time we get a pool of D-Class, each of them must be screened and any and all background info must be handed to us. The last thing we need is a 217 outbreak or one going on a killing spree after handling a potentially dangerous output. Aside from this, I want to request that the final output be tested to see if replacing the lost saline will result in the same effects. If it works, possibly screen it for use with the medical staff. Would certainly make it a lot easier to have it on hand rather than go searching for every medication under the sun. - Dr. Rose

(20-02-2021) Do You Want A Bullet From My Gun.mp4

Input: Two bulletproof vestsSetting: FineOutput: A bulletproof backpack. Testing showed that the backpack does not break from the impact of a bullet fired from an anti-materiel rifle. The backpack decayed extremely rapidly when worn for over 5 minutes, falling apart after the 10 minute mark.

Input: The output Type 82-2 pistol daggerSetting: Very FineOutput: An open metallic circle. When open, miniature bullets can be fired from the circle. When clasped together, a blade manifests in the circle, cutting through whatever was contained in between. 041b061a72


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