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Owen Nelson
Owen Nelson

Infinity Challenge Ep 346 Eng Su

The first time I think I did this challenge, I got about 70% of it done. There are a few little surprises as I went along, but don't worry - the items are all paid off at this point. This is actually a really good challenge - all the items are paid off, and you get a bunch of new stuff, including: Last Voyage D, c, c and 10% additional anti-atoms &#xF

Infinity Challenge Ep 346 Eng Su


The tree is 100% paid for, but there's only 2 boxes at the base of the tree (claim #1), so there isn't that much of a challenge - just expect a few setbacks here and there, or maybe a few folks trying to play on the IP network.

- If you need a little more time to get 100% paid off for this challenge, you can turn on the autobox claim, which will do the same as clicking boxes and claiming them. This can help here and there, as you'll be paying off boxes as needed, so it won't cost you as much time, and you won't necessarily need to claim the tree on the IP network.

Start the challenge on the IP network. At first, you'll notice that the big % on the bar on the bottom is not moving, but when you start adding boxes and opening them, the % will go up. Be careful with this challenge, as it's very easy to get 3 e308 boxes in, and progress isn't really that easy. You'll need to be very careful with the boxes you open and claim to get the best possible % on the bar. You can use the Big Crunch button to gauge how long it's going to be, but once you've completed the first box, there is no need to wait.


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