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Tuxedos forall Formal Occasions ...Over 4000 unique formalwear items from over 60 world-reknown top tuxedo designers. We offera complete line of tuxedos and formal accessories at GUARANTEEDLOWEST PRICES !!! Shop with confidence with ourNO RISK 30-DAY GUARANTEE.

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*** Disclaimer: The reasons below are "potential" problems that a consumer may encounter when trying to rent a tuxedo. The author of this article ... although he believes that there are formal wear rental stores that provide excellent service ... he also realizes the basic notion that there are other rental stores that provide inadequate service (as with any type of business). If you decide to rent instead of purchase, call the formal wear store and ask them questions that may help you with your decision. Do they have tailors on the premises? How early can I pick up my tuxedos? What do you do if I need an exchange? What quality control standards do you implement to assure high- quality garments? By getting answers to just a few basic questions, a consumer can then make an educated decision whether or not it's better to rent a tuxedo or own a tuxedo. Our goal is that you, the consumer, make the best possible decision for your situation.Bottom Line: Do some research. Weigh your options. Make your decision on what's best for you. Whatever you decide, I hope you have a special wedding day and everything goes absolutely perfect !!! Best wishes !!!

Strongly consider this first point. For a tuxedo store to be profitable, they must get a lot of "runs" from their inventory. There is no control over this variable; this means that you may end up being the 100th person to wear a particular garment. You may like to think that you are the 1st, 5th, or even 10th person wearing a garment ... but chances are that many more sweaty grooms have worn that garment before you. Frayed lapels, discoloration, broken buttons, "pulls," stains, you name it ... there are a lot of uncontrollable variables involved.By purchasing your tuxedo, you have a beautiful garment that has not shown any signs of aging. Crisp lapels, even colors, "tight" construction ... now you're looking like a man of style. Your bride is not wearing a used gown, is she? Look like a "million bucks." Definitely consider purchasing your tuxedo.

Most tuxedos/suits need some alterations for a perfect fit. A rental store cannot do all the necesary alterations to guarantee a perfect fit. For example, tuxedo stores cannot do "tapers" or add/remove fabric (if necessary) because that same item will be used by another groom the following week.Don't get me wrong ... a groom can still look fairly well with a rental garment; however, he will not have that tailored look of perfection that is only available when a professional tailor can alter that garment to fit the contours of your body. For this reason alone, you should highly consider purchasing your tuxedo.

Here's a situation for you: Your coat size is a 40R. The same coat that you will be wearing from a rental store was worn by another groom the week before you. That groom forgets to return his tuxedo to the rental store. Our main problem now is that he has the coat that you will be wearing for your wedding. Answer this question for me: do you really think that the store owner is going to buy another coat for you and also pay the rush charges associated with getting that new coat for you in time? In most cases, the answer is "NO!" He will try to "sub" you with a somewhat close size (maybe a 41L, 41R, 42R, etc.). If he doesn't have a close size, he may even try "subbing" you with a different style coat (of course he'll try to find one that is somewhat close).Bottom Line: you may not be getting what you should have gotten. Save the aggravation and consider purchasing your tuxedo.

Exchanges occur frequently in the formal wear industry. You go try on your tuxedo just 1-2 days before the wedding, and you find out that something doesn't fit correctly. Although some stores may attempt to fix the problem on the scene, most stores will require you to come back at a later time to pick up the "exchange." It's 2 days before your wedding, do you really need to be doing this back-and-forth scenario this close to your special day?Consider purchasing your tuxedo so you can enjoy the benefits of a custom-tailored fit and never have to worry about exchanges.

OK ... you have to go to a tuxedo store to pick out your styles & have your measurements taken ... then you have to pick up your tuxedos 1-2 days before the wedding ... then you have to come back if any "exchanges" are made ... then you have to come back to the store to return the tuxedos.Suggestion: consider purchasing your tuxedo and you'll always be prepared.

You bring a picture into a rental store and say that you want a specific tuxedo, perhaps one by Ralph Lauren. Most of your popular styles by Michael Kors, Cardi, Ralph Lauren, Ike Behar, etc. have been imitated by smaller manufacturers that may not be using the same quality piece goods. By looking at the garments, it may be difficult to tell the difference in fabric. The only difference is that you may end up with a lesser quality garment that doesn't have the same fit and "lines" as a top designer. You may be saying, "Store owners wouldn't purchase imitations just to save inventory costs and boost up their bottom line profits." Think about it.Do the safe thing. Consider the best option. Consider pruchasing your own brand new tuxedo.

You have enough things to concentrate on 2 days before your wedding day. Do you really want to "cross your fingers... knock on wood," and hope all goes well with your tuxedos?Save the hassle and purchase your tuxedos well in advance of the wedding. No unforseen "surprises" will pop up ... ultimately, eliminating unnecessary aggravation before your special, memorable event.

Unfortunately, tuxedo pickups are usually on the Thursday (during evening hours) before the wedding. In most cases, wedding rehearsal dinners are also on Thursdays (if the wedding is on a Saturday). If you do decide to rent tuxedos, I hope that your rehearsal dinner doesn't fall on this day. If so, you may run into a time issue/problem. When the guys go pick up their tuxedos, they should really try them on in the store. If there is a problem, the guys could get tied up there and end up showing up late for the rehearsal dinner. To eliminate this unwanted event from occurring, consider taking advantage of our "group discounts" and have each member of your wedding party make a wise investment by owning a custom-tailored tuxedo well in advance of the wedding.

Why would you want to spend $150 for a tuxedo rental that you only wear for 1 day? For the price of about 2 rentals, you can own your own tuxedo and enjoy using it whenever a formal social event occurs. Whether you go to a play/theatre, cruise, black tie affair, etc ... you will be prepared.

ATTENTION Grooms !!! When you "book" tuxedos for your wedding party at a formal wear store, you usually have to sign a "Groom's Contract." This contract makes you liable for all the tuxedos in the wedding party. If one of your party members returns a tuxedo a day late, you will be the one paying a $20 late fee for each day. If one of your party members loses an item (NOTE: tuxedo jewelry is the most frequently lost item ($20 - $25 charge), you will be the one paying the replacement fee.

Drycleaning, like just about anything in life, should be done in moderation. You do not have to have your tuxedo drycleaned after every time you wear it. Often times, the harsh chemicals used in drycleaning can damage fabric over time. For this reason, try to limit the number of drycleans that you do on your tuxedo. Obviously, if you spilled food or drink on your tuxedo or you were out dancing the night away, a trip to the drycleaner the following day may be a wise decision. Otherwise, simply place your tuxedo in its garment bag and hang it up in your closet after your formal event.

If the event says "Black Tie", you are expected to wear a tuxedo. However, you do not specifically have to wear a "black tie" with your formal ensemble. You are at liberty to wear any colored tie that you desire. The same applies to your vest or cummerbund. Most gentleman at a black tie event will be wearing a black tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo pants and a white tuxedo shirt.

Vest sets and cummerbund sets are available in hundreds of colors. You can either keep it classic with a black tuxedo vest set or black cummerbund set. If you want to go with neutral-colored accessories, you may opt for a silver tuxedo vest set or a silver cummerbund set. If you want to add a splash of color or perhaps coordinate with your date's dress, feel free to select from a myriad of fun and interesting colors.

Invitations stating Black Tie preferred are for semi-formal events where the host and most guests will be wearing tuxedos. The "preferred" part of the invitation really means "wear a tuxedo"(any type of tuxedo except Tails). The host is having a posh affair, so you should look the part by wearing a tuxedo and enjoy being in a lavish environment for the night.

White Tie events are also known as full dress events. This event requires a black tailcoat and trousers to be worn with a white pique wingtip tux shirt. A white pique tuxedo vest and matching bowtie and white studs and cufflinks completes the look. This is the only acceptable attire to be worn to this event.

A tuxedo jacket can be single-breasted (with a one- to four-button front) or double-breasted (with a two- to six-button front) and is worn at formal or semiformal evening events. The basic tux comes in a variety of flavors. Pick single- or double-breasted with one of three lapels: peaked, notched, or shawl. Wear it with black, satin-striped trousers.

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