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What is Innoetics TTS Reader and Why You Should Try It

What is Innoetics TTS Reader and Why You Should Try It

Innoetics TTS Reader is a text-to-speech software that can convert any text into natural-sounding speech. It uses the world's most advanced synthetic speech technology developed by Innoetics, a spin-off company of the Institute of Language & Speech Processing of âAthenaâ Research Centre[^1^].

Innoetics TTS Reader offers solutions that integrate their award-winning text-to-speech technology for various applications, such as audiobooks, games, or fairy tales. They create character-full and expressive synthetic voices that can read aloud any text with emotion and personality[^1^].

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Unfortunately, Innoetics TTS Reader is no longer available as a service since July 2017, as the company announced that they were discontinuing their current services[^1^]. However, you can still find some of their synthetic voices online and listen to them for free.

One of the best alternatives to Innoetics TTS Reader is TTSReader, a free text-to-speech reader that supports all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It includes multiple languages and accents, and you can access Google's voices as well if you use Chrome[^2^].

TTSReader is super easy to use - you just need to drag, drop and play any text, link or file. You can also use their extension for Chrome to read out loud any webpage, Wikipedia article or blog post. You can pause and resume the speech anytime, and it will remember your last position. You can also export the synthesized speech to audio files and listen to them offline[^2^].

TTSReader has many advantages over recorded podcasts or audiobooks. You have unlimited and free content to listen to, you use almost no data, and you can learn new things while doing other tasks. It is ideal for listening to articles, books, news or anything else you want to read[^2^].

If you are looking for a text-to-speech software that can provide you with high-quality natural-sounding voices, you should try TTSReader. It is one of the best options available online, and it is free and easy to use. You will enjoy listening to great content with TTSReader.

How to Use TTSReader

Using TTSReader is very simple and intuitive. You can follow these steps to start listening to any text you want:

  • Go to and choose the language and voice you prefer. You can also adjust the speed and pitch of the speech.

  • Copy and paste any text you want to listen to in the text box, or drag and drop a file or a link. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V to paste text.

  • Click on the play button to start the speech. You can pause, resume, rewind or fast-forward the speech using the buttons below the text box. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Space, Left Arrow and Right Arrow.

  • If you want to listen to a webpage, you can use the TTSReader extension for Chrome. Just install it from and click on the TTSReader icon on your browser. It will read out loud the current webpage without leaving it.

  • If you want to save the synthesized speech as an audio file, you can click on the record button below the text box. It will start recording the speech and save it as an MP3 file. You can then download it or share it with others.

TTSReader is a powerful and versatile text-to-speech software that can make your reading experience more enjoyable and productive. You can use it for personal or professional purposes, such as learning, entertainment, work or accessibility. Try it today and discover the benefits of listening to great content with TTSReader. 0efd9a6b88


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