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عبدالقادر الضو عبدالله
عبدالقادر الضو عبدالله

Tanaka T21 New Samurai Mata Merah UPD


Tanaka T21 New Samurai: A Receiver with Mata Merah Feature

Tanaka T21 New Samurai is a receiver that can be used for satellite TV. It has a feature called Mata Merah, which means red eye in Indonesian. This feature allows the receiver to recover from a condition where it only shows a red LED light and does not respond to any commands. This condition is also known as mati suri, which means dead but alive.

Mata Merah is a common problem for receivers like Tanaka T21 New Samurai, Tanaka T22 Jurassic, Tanaka T23 Sakura and Skybox. It can be caused by various factors, such as power outage, firmware corruption, wrong settings or hardware failure. To fix this problem, the receiver needs to be flashed with a new firmware using a tool called USB to TTL (USB-to-Serial).

The USB to TTL tool connects the receiver to a computer via a USB port and a four-pin port on the receiver. The four pins are TX, RX, VCC and GND. The TX and RX pins are used for data transfer, while the VCC and GND pins are used for power supply. However, in the flashing process, the VCC pin is not used, so only TX, RX and GND pins are connected.

The connection scheme between the USB to TTL tool and the receiver is as follows: GND-GND, RX-TX and TX-RX. The position of the pins may vary depending on the receiver model, so it is important to check the manual or the label on the receiver before connecting them.

After connecting the USB to TTL tool and the receiver, a software called TCom is used to flash the new firmware. The software can detect the COM port that is assigned to the USB to TTL tool and lock it for use. Then, the user can select the firmware file and click Start. The software will prompt the user to reset the receiver by turning it off and on again. Then, the flashing process will begin with two stages: transferring and burning. The transferring stage involves sending the firmware data from the computer to the receiver. The burning stage involves writing the firmware data into the receiver's memory.

The flashing process may take several minutes and should not be interrupted by any power failure or disconnection. After the flashing process is completed, the software will show a message saying "Success". The user can then disconnect the USB to TTL tool and the receiver and turn on the receiver normally. The receiver should be able to work properly again with no Mata Merah problem.

Tanaka T21 New Samurai is a receiver that offers many features and functions for satellite TV enthusiasts. However, it also has a risk of getting Mata Merah problem that can render it useless. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by flashing a new firmware using a USB to TTL tool and a software called TCom. This way, the receiver can be revived from its mati suri condition and resume its normal operation.

Aside from the Mata Merah feature, Tanaka T21 New Samurai also has many other features and functions that make it a versatile and powerful receiver for satellite TV. Some of these features are:

DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compliant (MPEG-II/MPEG-IV/H.264) [^1^]

SCPC&MCPC receiveable from Ku and C band satellites [^1^]

Universal, Single, Singgle S & C Band Wideband LNB [^1^]

Compatible Code Rates: Â, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 7/8, 8/9, and 9/10 [^1^]

Sensitive Tuner with Loop-Through [^1^]

DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 (USALS) Unicable Supported [^1^]

Blind search supported [^1^]

Multi satellite search, multi tp search [^1^]

Auto DiSEqC search [^1^]

PAL/NTSC Variable aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) with PAN&SCAN vescor or letter BOX option [^1^]

Output resolution: 480i, 480p, 576i, 720p_50Hz, 720p_60Hz, 1080i_50Hz, 1080i_60Hz, 1080p_50Hz, 1080p_60Hz [^1^]

16bits color on screen display (OSD) [^1^]

Storing memory: 100 satellite, 4000 transponders and 6000 channels [^1^]

Supported satellite add, delete, rename, move [^1^]

Supported transponder add, delet, edit [^1^]

8 favorite group and parental lock supported [^1^]

Supported program lock, delete, move, rename [^1^]

Supported multi-language men


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