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Owen Nelson

The Hangover 3 In Dual Audio

With the addition of our thousandth Let's Play, Lost Planet 2 by helloitsdan & lithuanian dad, we've rounded out our collection here to a nice whole number. I've thrown a lovely little party to celebrate; I had upwards of 3 balloons! It was moderately jolly. I don't think we've anything left to do, so I'm going to go back to bed and nurse this balloon-hangover. Can someone contact me if something comes up, like reaching two thousand or something? Thanks!

the hangover 3 in dual audio

During World War II, the city built barracks here to house prisoners of war, starting a forty-year history of municipal projects. Landfill dumping expanded the 14-acre peninsula, and the area became the site for the Columbia Point Development housing projects, the Boston College High School and the first community health center in America. In 1974, the University of Massachusetts Boston created its Harbor Campus here. Just a few years later, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library was built next door, an expansive and dramatic modern triangular structure overlooking the bay. Today, visitors stream in daily to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum for an up-close glimpse of the iconic president and bonafide historical artifacts, including the first manned space capsule, the Mercury MR-3 Freedom 7. The museum also displays personal items from the Kennedys, such as family photos from Jack's childhood and the pink rajah coat worn by First Lady Jackie Kennedy for her introduction to India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Special exhibits keep the museum fresh, with past exhibitions covering topics such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, complete with audio of White House meetings during the events that the President secretly recorded.

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