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Sharepoint 2010 Picture Library Slideshow Web Part Empty Space WORK

On my site, I am using picture library slideshow web parts on two different pages, and one of them is giving me trouble with unwanted white space between the photos and the back, pause, forward control buttons (see photo below).

sharepoint 2010 picture library slideshow web part empty space


In an attempt to resolve this issue, I have tried numerous things. I have resized the width and height of the web part itself to many different sizes, but to not avail. I have cropped and resized all of the photos to be the exact same size of 300x200 pixels. I have used CSS to display the photos to their actual size rather than the standard preview size. With all of this in mind, my second photo library web part on another page works perfectly. This was white space problem was only an issue until I resized/cropped the photos in that case. For this page, however, that solution is not working.

I was thrilled to see a slideshow web part in 2010 (I'm testing Foundations). It works great except for one thing - it displays the images at about half-size. I want the sildeshow to be 600 x 225. The images that I'm pulling in from the picture library are all 600 x 225. I've tried giving the web part a fixed hieght and width in the web part's settings, but all it does then is display the images as half size inside a 600 x 225 white box. Is there anything else I can do, short of trying to make all of my images 1200 x 450? I'm not even sure that would work. Is there a fixed size for images displayed with this web part?

To clarify the function this web part is playing - I'm building an internet facing site for our company & testing Foundations to that end. The slideshow would actually be a part of the home page's design, a way to display a series of images integral to the design rather than a slideshow of pictures from recent events or something like that. So, they need to be a certain size. I've done it in WSS 3.0 using a silverlight slideshow web part, just hoped I could go an easier route this time with the built in web part.

I'm using sharepoint 2013 for our works teamsite. On the home page I use the web part to display staff photos from a picture library. This has worked in the past fine - updating every 5 seconds. When the page comes up it displays a random photo from the library but it no longer updates the photo after the time period. If navigating away from the page and back again a different photo does display. Settings for the web part are Duration: 5 seconds, Library view - All pictures, display mode - random, Display with: Title and description to right, fixed ht 200, fixed width 300,

I've deleted the web part and recreated. I created a new picture library and copied pictures across in case there was something wrong with the library. I've tried IE, Edge and chrome. Have run out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

I've created a picture library with about 23 pictures and the images are all uploaded. I want them to rotate on a page with a "picture library slideshow web part" but when I try to select "picture library" there's no options. I've tried refreshing the page, deleting and re-adding the web part. Re-uploading the images to a NEW picture library and still nothing. I'm not sure if I'm missing something to make the Picture Library visible to web parts but Google isn't turning anything up.

Great guide and it works perfectly!Like L Cook mentioned, is there anyway to remove the gray bar that displays the name/title of the picture?Also, the webpart is shrinking our pictures down. Manually setting the height and width of the webpart leave the pictures the same, smaller, size and just makes scroll bars with blank space. Any thoughts on this?

Hi myro,I tried your solution but no success. I did installation of your webpart and add this webpart to page. I wrote name of my pageviewer webpart(PVWP) into Settings and clicked on OK. Sign [-] was appeared for my PVWP. (OK)I changed chrome style for this PVWP from Normal to Minimalized. Next I clicked on OK and sign [+] was appeared for my PVWP. (OK)After refresh of page I clicked on [+] sign and the PVWP was maximalized but no content of requested page was appeared. Only empty space. (PROBLEM)

You can use the picture library to save and update images that you can use on your site or share with others. Picture libraries in SharePoint 2016 and 2013 are tailored for photographs, allowing you to sort by picture or file size, name, or latest edited date. You can also add columns for various types of information. You can see photographs as a list, thumbnails, or a slideshow in preset views, or you can design your own.Following steps must be followed to create a picture library in Microsoft SharePoint :


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