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The Sorry Bhai Full Movie Online

The Sorry Bhai Full Movie Online - Watch the Romantic Comedy Drama Starring Shabana Azmi, Boman Irani, Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi and Chitrangada Singh

The Sorry Bhai Full Movie Online is a 2008 Indian Hindi romance drama film directed by Onir and released on 28 November 2008. The film revolves around a scientist who falls in love with his brother's bride-to-be while attending their wedding in Mauritius. The film features Shabana Azmi, Boman Irani, Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi and Chitrangada Singh in the lead roles.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the performances of the actors and the chemistry between Joshi and Singh, while others criticized the plot for being unrealistic and predictable. The film was also compared to the 2007 Hollywood film Dan in Real Life, which had a similar premise.


Plot Summary

Siddharth Mathur (Sharman Joshi) is a shy young scientist who travels to Mauritius for his elder brother Harsh's (Sanjay Suri) wedding. Accompanying him is his mother Gayatri (Shabana Azmi), a reluctant traveler since she is angry at Harsh for deciding to get married without consulting them. Also traveling is Siddharth's cheery father Navin (Boman Irani), whose sole entertainment is pulling Gayatri's leg.

Harsh, pre-occupied with work, can spend little time with his family and it is left to his fiancée Aaliyah (Chitrangada Singh) to show them around Mauritius before the wedding. However, Gayatri's anger at Harsh ensures that she takes an instant dislike for Aaliyah, and it is Aaliyah and Siddharth who end up spending loads of time together. This, added to the fact that Aaliyah feels neglected by the career-obsessed Harsh, leads to them being irresistibly drawn to each other.

A horrified Siddharth battles this attraction desperately, but Aaliyah has fallen madly in love and pursues him with single-minded determination. When Siddharth's defenses start crumbling and Gayatri starts getting suspicious, all hell breaks loose in the Mathur family.

Cast and Crew


Shabana AzmiGayatri N. Mathur

Boman IraniNavin Mathur

Sanjay SuriHarshvardhan N. Mathur

Sharman JoshiSiddharth N. Mathur

Chitrangada SinghAaliyah

Payal NairSandy

Priyanka BoseShruti

Adrian JeanGaurav Elder Son

Hirak ThakarYounger Son


Mahesh JaduThe Student


WritersAshwini MalikAmitabh Verma

Where to Watch The Sorry Bhai Full Movie Online

If you are looking for a way to watch The Sorry Bhai Full Movie Online, you have a few options. You can either rent or buy the movie from various streaming platforms, such as [Amazon Prime Video], [Google Play Movies], [YouTube], or [iTunes]. Alternatively, you can also watch the movie for free on some websites, such as [Hitmovies4u], [MSN], or [IMDb]. However, be aware that these websites may not have the best quality or the latest subtitles, and they may also contain ads or malware. Therefore, it is advisable to use a trusted and legal source to watch The Sorry Bhai Full Movie Online.


The Sorry Bhai Full Movie Online is a romantic comedy drama that explores the dilemma of a man who falls in love with his brother's fiancée. The film has a talented cast of actors who deliver convincing performances and create a believable chemistry. The film also has some humorous moments and scenic locations that add to its charm. However, the film also suffers from a weak plot that is predictable and unrealistic, and it borrows heavily from a Hollywood film without giving credit. The film may appeal to fans of the genre or the actors, but it may not be a memorable or original experience for others.


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