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Jaxon Hill
Jaxon Hill

Slendytubbies 3 APK: elige tu camino y sobrevive al horror de los Teletubbies mutantes

Consequently, the game is like the opening of Kingdom Hearts on Destiny Island before the darkness arrives, and in Slendytubbies, that dark fog rears its ugly head in spades. Beginning with a third-person limited view per room similar to Silent Hill's early days, the game evolves into a first-person perspective as you hold the camera and record all the paranormal activities. As the story progresses, the perspective changes, keeping the player on their toes. Unfortunately, some less than refined textures and janky controls don't always support the horror element of the horror game. This horror fanfiction makes players laugh even more as glitches make Teletubbies encounter these events all while simply being Teletubbies.

slendytubbies 3 apk para android

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