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[S1E8] The New Bird

After the wild night, a trespasser drops a bird on them and they go on the defensive. But what they did not realize that it was a King Horik that they were getting all upset about. But apparently , according to Ragnar and his chat with the King Horik that he killed his entire family , just for the power. Ragnar says that he will service the King Horik . Ragnar, wants in return that he join forces so they can send more power against the west. They agree to work together, the King Horik more excited for what will be written in history books in the future.

[S1E8] The New Bird


In Felden, Lucan and Niika approach their destination at Fort Zuka to deliver Felora's directive. Niika says that she always wanted to see inside Fort Zuka. They are greeted by Alec, who tells them that a messenger bird flew to notify them of his arrival, and Lucan tells him that he has a directive for the captain. Inside the Fort, Lucan recognizes Kiyoshi, and upon seeing that he was promoted to captain, tells him that it is good that Felden promotes anyone with the right father, and sarcastically tells him that the kingdom is much safe in his capable hands. Kiyoshi scoffs at Lucan saying he talks big for someone who has been in prison more times than claws on his hands. Kiyoshi asks for Felora's orders, and when Lucan delivers them he rushes out to go out with Niika. Kiyoshi stops him to inform him that the orders demand that he accompany him in the attack. Lucan is surprised and Niika laughs at him. Kiyoshi tells him that although neither of them wants to work each other, orders are orders, and he asks to collaborate, and Lucan reluctantly agrees. 041b061a72


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