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Anthony Bourdain Pho Recipe Chicken

I love this way of discarding the liquid after 5 minutes of boiling the chicken which gives a clearer broth, and it is so much easier than skimming scum off the top. I love this poached chicken with these scrumptious dipping sauces. Sometimes I use the poached chicken for salads too. Thank you for this lovely recipe!

anthony bourdain pho recipe chicken


I absolutely love chicken rice especially from Singapore. So when I started googling recipes this one came up as the most simple, concise and easy to use and follow. I made this on a Sunday, and the total time with breaks in between probably took about two hours. Once I get the hang of it I could probably do this in about 45 minutes with cooking the chicken and the rice. It tasted outstanding. Believe it or not, just the simple seasoning of the salt, ginger and Green onions made the chicken taste delicious. The second star of the show was the rice. And the part about letting it sit with a lid on is critical. The steam makes it even more moist and fluffy so do not remove the lid. I made this as a make ahead dinner. I will probably reheat the items gently for another day this week. But overall the taste is fantastic and brings me back to Singapore. I opted not to make the chili sauce but will serve it traditional with the cucumber.

This is a great recipe and I love Hainan Chicken and had for the first time at a vendor in Singapore. Question: you list sesame oil under the ingredients for the chicken but make no reference to it in the instructions. When do you use the sesame oil?

Wow. This is a great recipe. I watched some people on TV eating chicken rice and suddenly needed it in my life. For a first try, this turned out perfectly and is SO delicious. I also love how the broth from the chicken is used to layer that flavour into multiple dinner components and the ginger garlic sauce-sublime. Even the rice was amazingly tasty! The only alterations I made were to throw in a red chilli and cilantro leaves into the soup broth which were strained out before serving and I used key limes (and I used a bit extra) in the spicy sauce. I will happily make this again. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this recipe! My friend from Singapore recently visited me and brought a packet mix of this to try, I loved it so am now doing it from scratch! Her kit also contained some sauce to pour over the chicken after cooking, before serving. I believe it is more garlic, ginger and sesame oil. Have you come across this?

Great recipe! Turned out nicely. I added twice the amount of ginger and scallions to be the stuffing. Also an awesome, awesome sauce: 4-5 green onion stalks, 1/4 cup of peanut or canola oil, 1/4 cup sesame oil, 1.5 inches of ginger blended till smooth. Amazing with this chicken!

This is an amazing recipe! I used it often when my family was living in Luxembourg, and my children really missed their favourite food ? but now that we are back in Singapore, where chicken rice is so easily available, I find that this dish still wows when I cook it! Thanks for sharing ?

hey, ive tried your recipe before and it really reallly nice! but i overly put the chilli paddy so very spicy. However, it is really nice to eat it with the chicken rice. nyum nyum.. Now im going to cook this recipe again and do the same chili again.. Hopefully this time it works! Thanks!

I really love the chickenrice. I live in Europe and I notice that the sauce they serve with the chickenrice in chinese restaurants is made of chopped ginger, green onions and lots of oil. Yours really looks different and I have never tasted before will try your recipe myself.Rene Fong

I just completed the chicken portion and WOW it came out soooo yummy. I was a bit skeptical that just scallions, salt and ginger could give it enough flavor but they brought out the natural chicken-y taste. This recipe is now in my permanent rotation.

Hello Jess and Jaden, thank you for the great recipe! I`ve tried making it recently, but with a lot of modification. You probably won`t call it a chicken rice, lol. Do you mind if I link this page to my post? Thanks!

hope your cooking show comes through jaden! thanks u jess too for sharing the recipe to steamy kitchen. i wonder if this hainanese chicken is the same at the steamed white chicken recipe, that is served cold and is crusted in clear gelatiny substance from fat?

Nice photos and recipe for my most favourite recipe from home ever. I swear I eat it everyday when I go back to Singapore. I got such a craving reading this page that I made this yesterday, albeit with brown jasmine rice and leg quarters rather than a whole chicken.

Thanks for the inspiring photos & recipes, from a homesick Singaporean. I love chicken rice. Made this yesterday with brown jasmine rice and leg quarters. Do you reheat the leftover chicken or eat it cold?

Thank you for this recipe. My husband is Singaporean and when he misses home, he asks me to make chicken rice. Your recipe sounds great, and I am intrigued by your chili paste. I normally have to seek out hot chilis and try to pulverize them without getting anything on my skin or in my eyes. Not easy. We always have sriracha, so I can make it easily. ?


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