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Teen Hot Bodies ##HOT##

Hot flashes in teens may occur due to various reasons. They may complain about sudden, intense warmth (heat) and sweating. This can be temporary and often felt on the upper body, such as the face, neck, and chest. Some may also experience skin reddening (1) (2). The duration and how often it occurs may vary depending on the underlying causes. Some teens may experience hot flashes in the night hours, called night sweats.

teen hot bodies


Although not common, teenagers can also experience hot flashes due to several reasons. Panic disorder and phobia, overactive thyroid, wearing tight clothes, and being in a warm, closed room are some of the benign causes of hot flashes in teens. Some of these causes can be managed at home, while others may need medical intervention. If your teen has hot flashes without apparent triggers such as warm weather, hot or spicy food, or intense physical activity, seek immediate medical guidance to determine the cause.

Some causes of hot flashes in teens are reversible with lifestyle changes. You may consult a doctor to identify the underlying causes of hot flashes to plan adequate management on time. Go through the infographic to learn common lifestyle changes that cure hot flashes in teens.SaveIllustration: Momjunction Design Team

After every afternoon movie she saw, for two years, a teen-ageacquaintance of Chicago Physiologist Nathaniel Kleitman took her owntemperature. A girl in her 20s took similar readings after 29 shows intwo months.

In Science Dr. Kleitman reports that a movie raised the teen-ager'stemperature one degree above her usual temperature at the same hour(once she topped 100). The older girl usually heated up half a degree;when she saw a double feature, the rise was less. (Possibleexplanation: temperature ordinarily falls as evening advances.)

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When peopleparticularly adolescents who want to be excessively slimfollow an unsupervised diet, they become vulnerable to health problems. Although teenagers may have many reasons for dieting, dissatisfaction with their bodies and the desire to be thinner are the usual motivating factors. Adolescents, especially girls, are the target of advertisements showing unrealistically thin women, which they wrongly equate with beauty, health and personal success.

To lose weight, many teenagers adopt a series of behavioral changes and alter their eating habits. They resort to fad dieting, fasting, skipping meals, using laxatives, practicing self-provoked vomiting and using dangerous supplements or drugs to reduce weight. Studies show such behaviors are more prevalent among girls. But there is no socio-economic or ethnic group immune to this trend.

Some teens may use diuretics (water pills), diet pills, tobacco or other drugs to control their weight. But these substances can cause serious damage to their organs and, the nicotine in cigarettes or amphetamines in certain diet pills could turn them into addicts and cause permanent damage to their health.

Research shows teenagers suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, attention deficit disorder or epilepsy are more prone to be dissatisfied with their bodies and practice unhealthy weight loss habits. Teenagers with significant psychiatric symptoms such as depression and anxiety, too, are likely to engage in unhealthy dieting practices. And adolescents who use "quick" weight-loss strategies, particularly when they are unsupervised, are also more likely to indulge in other risky behaviors such as substance abuse, unprotected sex and suicide attempts. Besides, girls overly concerned about their weight are more likely to start smoking. 041b061a72


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