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Escape The Night

The series follows The Savant (Joey Graceffa) as he finds himself in an estate in a past era, where he invites a number of guests to a party and requires them to act and dress as various personas from that era. Once there, they are isolated from the outside world, and tasked with surviving the night and escaping the estate. To achieve this, the guests team up with him to participate in challenges and escape room puzzles, competing with each other to escape from the historical era by solving and completing the challenges. At the end of each episode, two guests are voted into a challenge to compete against each other, where the losing guest is eliminated via a fictional death until one or more guests ultimately win and are sent back to the modern world.

Escape the Night

The Escape the Night: Escape Room was an immersive escape room centered around the fourth season of Escape the Night. The escape room was a limited event exclusively in Beverly Hills, California, that ran from August 9, 2019, to August 27, 2019. The escape room had multiple rooms to venture through, with surprise guest appearances from Graceffa, Jack O'Connor (Mortimer), and Eva Augustina Sinotte (The Sorceress).[18]

Challenge: Lele Pons and Andrea Brooks were voted to be locked into tanks in the basement with Eva Gutowski and Justine Ezarik as their partners respectively. Eva and Justine had to complete a series of tasks involving the wiring and piping with the first to finish causing their partner to escape, but the other's tank to be filled with poisonous gas.

The guests find a mad man escaped from an asylum and must enter his violent and terrifying hallucinations in order to free him from the house. In the process, they discover who among them is in league with the evil of the house.

Challenge: Tyler Oakley and Liza Koshy had to eat certain color-coded pies and cakes around a bakery to escape being locked inside the oven. When they both managed to escape the challenge due to Sampson, the Sorceress decided to execute whoever finished last.

Challenge: Whichever two people, Rosanna Pansino and Safiya Nygaard, escaped the funhouse had to vote for two people to be locked in a death battle. They voted for Manny Mua and Nikita Dragun respectively, who were then informed. However, a rule unbeknownst to anyone was in fact whoever voted for the loser in the round would be killed instead.

Camelot has fallen to the Black Knight and the YouTubers must reclaim Excalibur if they want the next key. They recruit Merlin to uncover the secrets of Standing Stone and crown one of them King of Britannia.

Challenge: Tana Mongeau and Gabbie Hanna were voted to take part in the Knights Of Camelot challenge where they had to complete four puzzles and drink the potion to protect them, with both being able to live. There is a protective circle which would save them from the knights, but they can only use for five minutes.

The YouTube Red Original Series Escape the Night returns for a second thrilling season, as Joey's friends are invited from the modern world to attend a masquerade party in the Victorian Era. Trapped by an evil Sorceress, the guests must solve puzzles and compete against each other in order to escape with their lives.

YouTube Premium's most thrilling & longest running surreality competition is BACK for its 3rd season. Joey Graceffa leads his friends to the wicked town of Everlock, trapped in the year 1978. Joey and his friends must battle the most terrifying creatures & demons if they hope to escape the night. Will they?

Seizing on the popularity of the escape room fad, this overacted pseudo-reality show is more a platform for B-list actors and internet personalities than it is must-see TV. YouTube stars such as Justine Ezarik, Timothy DeLaGhetto, and Shane Lawson join a smattering of small-screen stars as '20s characters assigned personalities such as the "Jazz Singer" (GloZell Green) and the "Big Game Hunter" (Oli White). Between trying to outdo each other's performances and fading in and out of character as the drama ebbs and flows, there's a lot going on but little that's particularly riveting.

The players here would compete to "escape the night" and "survive" against the dangerous foe that sought to kill them. Each round would be tied to a mystery that would get them one step closer to the finals.

Escape the Night features a variety of mind games and physical challenges for the contestants to complete each week. It wouldn't be a reality show without the players going head-to-head, but it's the escape room-like puzzles that are at the core of the series.

Close to dawn, the group sets up a small camp to get warm and rest from their exhaustion. The three other Nazis introduce themselves: Stefan Holst, Andreas Becker, and Gyorgy Markus. Stefan explains that they had been originally stationed closer to town, but thanks to Kreuz, ended up getting lost in the woods. Kreuz had wanted a chance to kill off some Americans, but ended up getting chased by the creatures. Upon the mention of the creatures, Gyorgy, who is feverish and injured, explains that the creatures were "Night Children". He tells an old Hungarian tale about children who were stolen from families as babies who became angry vengeful monsters who grew up alone in the forests at night. These monsters were incredibly sad beings who still laughed like children, with liquid darkness in their veins, and were sometimes referred to as "the children of Kázán". Though spooked by Gyorgy's story, there is a unanimous vote to stay in place and rest until dawn.

Donnie is woken up in the middle of the night by a voice calling his name. It's Eddies voice, pleaing for Donnie to come help him. Going alone, Donnie cautiously looks for Eddie's body and finds him, hung from a tree with his neck snapped, with a wheezer holding him up from the bottom. Donnie locks eyes with Eddie's corpse, which has black blood leaking out of it wounds. Eddie impossibly smiles and says "I'm saved," and opens his eyes. Donnie runs off screaming.

Night skiing can be colder when the temperatures drop and, with that, icy after the snow on the slopes has been skied off by those skiing during the day. But the benefits outweigh the cons to those who only night ski with night-skiing season passes or with time available after the workday. Add in more affordable tickets, and if you hit a snowstorm at night during the week? Even better.

Moss, a Windham native who recently moved back home from California, said the night-skiing season passes lets his family enjoy more skiing than they would if they only skied on the weekends. As of Jan. 12, Moss already had 15 ski days in the books. He said the night ski passes for himself, his 8-year-old daughter, Charlotte, and his 5-year-old daughter, Francesca, cost just $550. An unlimited season pass for John Moss alone would have cost $899.

Others at Pleasant Mountain who have a dedicated night-skiing season pass talked of the convenience and more-relaxed atmosphere you get coming to the mountain after work or after school instead of on weekends when most people ski.

On Saturday night, Aug. 24, 1985, Billy was up late in the garage. He had found storage space in the attic, and he was attaching a swinging ladder for easy access. It was a hot night (99 degrees as reported by the Register), and Billy stopped working just before midnight.

Two people were alive. They shouldn't be, but there they stood in that clearing on that July night. Rosanna Pansino and Manny MUA had survived their night at the sacrifice of another. Now here they stood, waiting to open a portal to Purgatory to save all those who died in the three years since the nights began. But, when the rescue mission becomes a new deadly game, it's up to the luck of the draw who escapes the night. (Inspired by Escape the night and the talented @canufeelthemagictonight, hope you finish the season 4 write up, when 5 comes.)

Being able to see a full Escape From Tarkov night vision comparison can be very handy in deciding how far you want to stretch. Due to its strength in Escape From Tarkov, the different night vision options can cost a lot of money, so knowing the differences between each one can help you weigh up how much you want to spend. So, for a full Escape From Tarkov night vision comparison and a list of all the available options, make sure to keep on reading below.

Finally, while it is not technically a night vision capable device, there is a set of thermal goggles that allow you to see in complete darkness - and much more too. The only issue is that it is ridiculously expensive:

For the rest of the guide, we will be comparing all of these different night vision devices in different scenarios to measure their capabilities, especially in reference to their price points, to give you an idea of what the best Escape From Tarkov night vision option is.

The first, and perhaps most important test case that you can use for an Escape From Tarkov night vision comparison is a situation of complete darkness. Where each night vision device will be allowed to shine is through showing how much detail it can pick up from a scene with no light, and it is also a great way of demonstrating the view limitations of some of the devices too.

The image you can see above will be the constant to measure each night vision goggle against. As you can see, it is pretty dark, and you will struggle to make out anything in the scene apart from the window in the top right. This was tested on Factory at nighttime, in order to capture as little light as possible.

As a quick look at the two night vision sights, you can see that the Vulcan on the right is clearly the better option of the two. It provides not only a larger image, but a much clearer one, with a stronger separation between the sight and the surrounding environment. One funny thing to note is that both of these sights are advertised as having 3.5x magnification, but this is clearly not the case, with the NSPU-M providing a higher level of zoom than its counterpart. 041b061a72


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