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[S3E6] Flashback

The episode begins with the friends sitting in the coffeehouse talking to Janice. Janice asks whether any of the group have slept together and if so, with whom. When they deny that any of them have, she asks if any of them have "almost...", leading to the flashback.

[S3E6] Flashback

The flashback takes place 3 years ago, exactly 1 year before the premiere. Phoebe has just moved out of Monica's apartment, but has not told her because of how she might feel. She has been sneaking out every night and sneaking back in every morning, spending the past week at her grandmother's apartment. Chandler is trying to find a new roommate with little luck. Ross and Carol are having problems in their marriage. Ross thinks that this is cause Carol does not have any other friends, but he is optimistic because she just met a woman at the gym, Susan Bunch, and they bonded well.

The episode opens with a flashback of when Daichi, Sugawara and Asahi first joined the volleyball club as first years. Daichi announces that he had seen Karasuno playing in the nationals and hopes to achieve the same thing. The captain at the time, Hidemi Tashiro, excitedly claims they should strive to go to nationals once more.

Law & Order: Organized Crime picks up where it left off with a SWAT team led by Sgt. Ayanna Bell and Detective Elliot Stabler. They burst into their suspect Vaughn's mansion -- but nobody's home. Detective Bobby Reyes picks up a boxing glove and has a flashback to his foster father pitting him and Vaughn against each other. Though they were childhood peers, they ended up in very different circumstances. Just then, Vaughn calls Reyes and taunts him while Stabler and Bell find a camera hidden in the chandelier. Vaughn wants that "bald pig who shot Dante," referring to Stabler, and says it's "time to start killing cops." The team sees a bomb and evacuate, but nothing happens. Stabler figures out just in time that the real bomb is actually in the car and they duck and dive as it explodes next to them.

Jet Slootmaekers managed to grab the camera from inside and figures they can track its origin. Reyes wants to go back to the hospital and see what information he can get from Vaughn's accomplice Dante. Bell worries that whatever he gets won't be admissible in court because of his personal relationship to Dante, but eventually relents. Dante's indignant -- he'd never send Reyes to his death. He also says he hadn't talked to Vaughn in years before getting out but they're brothers so they have to follow him. Reyes insists he'll protect Dante from Vaughn if he helps. Dante muses that it's like back in the day as audiences see a flashback of Reyes trying to protect Dante from their foster father's abuse. Dante's done now, though; he won't help.

Believing it might have been Jor-El, Clark and Jonathan go to the Kawatche Caves. Jonathan argues that even if it was Jor-El, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to think he killed somebody. Clark argues that they don't really know that much about him. They find the same Kryptonian symbol painted on the cave wall, and when Clark touches the painting, it falls away and reveals an opening containing a memory pendant. When Clark touches it, he sees thousand of images, but he can't make sense of any of them. While walking down Main Street with Pete, Clark guesses that the images are from the past. When he touches a mailbox, he has his first flashback to 1961.

Jor-El is walking down Main Street when he sees Lachlan Luthor rob Louise McCallum at gun point. Louise tries to fight Lachlan off, but he knocks her down. Jor-El super speeds to her rescue and throws Lachlan against a light post. Sheriff Tate shows up just then and takes Lachlan into custody. Jor-El and Louise can't take their eyes off each other. It is love at first sight. Dex shows up to see if Louise is alright, and Sheriff Tate shoos her off home, promising to come by later to get her statement. When the vision ends, Clark guesses that he got the flashback from touching something that Jor-El touched. He sets off to verify that what he saw really happened. Chloe brings some old police records to Smallville High. Some of the records are missing from the day of Louise's murder, but they find the name of the robber. Chloe recognizes it right away as Lex's grandfather. Clark asks Chloe to ask Lex about Lachlan. Chloe hesitates. The last time she investigated a Luthor, Lex was nearly killed, but she goes to see him, and he is no help at all. However, he does confront his father about Lachlan.

Back at the Kent Farm, Clark and Lana go through a small box with a few of Louise's belongings. They find a passionate love letter. Lana guesses that it is from Dex, but it is signed with only the initial T. When Clark touches Louise's pearl necklace, he has another flashback: Jor-El and Louise making love in the barn. When the vision ends, Clark tells Lana he thinks the letter was from the drifter. They were in love.

Clark and Lana then go to visit Mayor Tate. Mayor Tate tells them that Dex and Louise McCallum were his best friends. He doesn't remember Lachlan Luthor and he doesn't believe there ever was a drifter. He wanted to believe that Dex was innocent more than anyone. He remarks that Lana bears a striking resemblance to Louise. When, Clark looks over Mayor Tate's certificates, he notices that his signature matches the love letter. When Mayor Tate touches his shoulder, he has another flashback: Tate interrupts Jor-El and Louise, making out in Louise's car. Tate is jealous, but Louise sends him away saying Jor-El is just taking her home. Louise explains that it was her father's idea for her to marry Dex. She wanted to go to Hollywood and become a star, but she finally gave in to her father. Jor-El has a similar story. His father sent him to Earth to teach him a lesson. He tries to tell Louise about where he is from, but she laughs at him, so he picks her up and slowly floats twenty feet in the air.

Clark and Lana try to convince Sheriff Adams that Mayor Tate made a deal with Lachlan Luthor to kill the drifter and pin it on Dex so that he could have Louise all to himself. The Sheriff thinks they are crazy, and heads off to solve some crimes committed in this century. At the farm, Jonathan and Martha are discussing how much it bothers them that Clark is so interested in his birth parents. Clark senses the tension and lies about not having any more visions. He sees his grandpa's gun on the wall and recognizes from his first vision in the cave. When Clark touches the rifle, he receives another flashback:

Hiram Kent hits Jor-El with the rifle. Jor-El takes the rifle away from him, and tells Hiram that he loved Louise and would never harm her. Hiram shakes his hand and introduces himself. Clark tells Martha and Jonathan that Jor-El was here on the Kent Farm with Grandpa Kent, so Jonathan finds some of Hiram's belongings in a stashed away chest. When Clark touches a leather jacket, he has another flashback: A very pregnant Jessica Kent is giving him a denim jacket so he doesn't stand out so much. Hiram is preparing to help Jor-El get to the caves while avoiding detection from the police and other people looking for him. He invites him to stay, offers to help him clear his name, but Jor-El says that he has no reason to stay any more. Hiram says good-bye to his unborn baby, Gene. Jessica corrects him: the baby's name will be Jonathan. Jor-El thanks Jessica and gives her his leather jacket. Clark tells Jonathan that Hiram helped Jor-El escape, but Jonathan doesn't believe him until Clark tells him that Hiram wanted to name him Gene. Martha trusts Hiram as a good judge of character.

Clark and Jonathan go back to the Kawatche caves. When Clark touches the same Kryptonian symbol, he has a final flashback: Jor-El is talking with Hiram in the Kawatche caves. Jor-El explains that he was supposed to return his medallion to his father, but it has too many bad memories attached to it.

In a flashback fans learn why this is a big deal. During one of their heists, 6 years ago, Barbara and Dick crossed paths with Lady Vic and presumably her boyfriend. During, what is a pretty great fight scene, her boyfriend is killed. Clearly she is out for blood now, and that is proven moments later as she tricks Barbara into meeting her in an alley, faking a phone call from Bruce, and the two have it out, yet again.

E6 picks up where E5 left off: with Issa, Chad, and Lawrence in 7/11. Issa smiles and asks her ex, "What have you been up to?" What follows is a flashback look at homeboy's recent activities. Spoiler alert: he's been busy raw dogging every woman in Los Angeles and his nasty behavior has been rewarded with a case of chlamydia! You wanna fuck around? Cool, but wear a damn condom. At least he gets tested for STDs after his spree and calls all of his previous sexual partners to inform them of his ? dick. He might be gross, but at least he has a moral compass, unlike Chad (Neil Brown Jr.).

Remember this motherfucker? He was engaged to a woman named Leah but based on the flashback, it sounds like she left his ass at the alter because he titty-fucked some strippers at his bachelor party and she found out about it. Good for Leah! Chad is a disgusting, misogynistic trainwreck who deserves to die alone in his California King c/o an untreated case of syphilis.

Throughout the season, Caleb's flashbacks and grief over his dead army pal Francis (Kid Cudi) have hinted at something even darker hidden in his memories. Thanks to a trip to the reeducation center in Mexico, a place Serac created to reform society's "outliers," Caleb and Dolores find answers.

In a flashback, Caleb is strapped to a table and interrogated by Dr. Greene, with the augmented therapy glasses clamped to his face. He explains he was sent to Crimea during the Russian civil war to hunt down the last of an insurgent group. After their unit was attacked by Russians, Caleb and Francis (somehow) captured the leader. 041b061a72


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