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Hunter Phillips
Hunter Phillips

Adventurer Trainer [v0.1.6]

v0.1.6 is now publicly available! Use the download links below to get it and play to your heart's content. We've got some new events, a ton of fixes and changes, a new Dream in the Succubi cafe... And I've doubled the amount of animations present in the game!

Adventurer Trainer [v0.1.6]

If there are no available adventurers to do a job, the shift should automatically end. There are also new types of jobs which can have multiple choices for you to select from before you can select an adventurer for them, that might be what's confusing you

The only thing that was featured in the previews but didn't make it into the v0.1.6 release was Jibril's quest & scenes, so I assume you mean that. There were some bugs related to it so I had to push it down the line till v0.1.7 in order to stick to the schedule 041b061a72


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