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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Weapon Mod Rar

A-noclipB-upgrades weaponX-Teleports survivorsY-speed boostDpad_Up-Increases gravityDpad_Down-Decreases gravityDpad_Left-Gives all weaponsDpad_Right-Gives all itemsLeft Stick-spawns a active molotovRight Stick-ThirdpersonRT-god modeLt-inf ammo

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Weapon Mod Rar

Download Zip:

FWE is included as a important extended mod because it adds an extensive menu for customizing the gameplay parameters, and for the armor/weapon balancing it adds. If you are satisfied with the vanilla game parameters and if you don't use a lot of weapon mods FWE isn't as important. The vanilla game parameters are configured for the base game without the DLCs. The DLCs changed the PC level limit from 20 to 30, but they unfortunately didn't change the corresponding gameplay parameters.FWE provides new weapon and armor stats, and in some cases weapon models, for almost all the vanilla weapons and armor. It also adds many new weapons and armor. Many mods use FWE as the basis for weapon and armor parameters, making FWE as closest to a Fallout 3 standard for gameplay as is possible for a modded game.The FWE mod provides most of the settings menus for FO3. However, as DanielCoffey notes, these menus are not available until after exiting Vault101 or the Alternative Start shack. The menus for repairing limb damage aren't available until then; be careful with limb damage until then.The Alternate Start option included in FWE is not compatible with the Ties that Bind - a narrative companion mod which disables the Alternate start.

This series of 5 Fallout 3 mods was made by Puce Moose, and they are fairly unique among the mods for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. These are for the people that like the old school RPGs where quests require lots of reading, challenging puzzles, and actually paying attention because quest markers are not part of the mix. Lots of detail is added to these mods and it is quite easy to overlook a lot of it, so keep an eye out. Puce Moose continued this type of mod in Fallout New Vegas with the multi-chapter Tales from the Burning Sands mod whose total content is roughly comparable to the combination of the five Fallout 3 mods. Puce Moose quests add a number of useful recipes and associated items, and some new weapon types that are fairly unconventional. Wehn the Puce Moose quests are added it is recommended that all five quests be installed at the beginning of the game, but that some quests be done in order as discussed below. These quests add a few unique items, mostly weapons, whose power increases as they are used. For some items it takes a lot of gameplay to reach full capability.

After installation hide the following files: textures/weapons/1handMeleeDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):textures/architecture/paradisefallstextures/clutter/acunit*.ddstextures/clutter/aircraftservicetextures/clutter/casinotextures/clutter/displaycasetextures/clutter/fence/nv*.ddstextures/clutter/hooverdammap*.ddstextures/clutter/lightstextures/clutter/meterbox*.ddstextures/clutter/office/bulletinboard03*.ddstextures/clutter/repairkittextures/clutter/umbrella.ddstextures/clutter/ventbox*.ddstextures/dungeons/industrialtextures/dungeons/office/offdoormetal*.ddstextures/dungeons/office/offdoorwood*.ddstextures/furniture/bench01*.ddstextures/furniture/dinertable01*.ddstextures/furniture/gamorrahbed01*.ddstextures/landscape

What color do you think the moon and stars would be through an atmosphere that went through a nuclear war? I think it would be rainbow colored. Shout out to green_edge for the sky and moon texture information.

When installing do not install the following FNV-only file(s) and/or folder(s):textures/clothestextures/effectstextures/nv*textures/armor/1950stylesuittextures/armor/arcadesdoctortextures/armor/boomerstextures/armor/bosscribe/outfitf0*.dds(or else use as an alternative to*.dds(or else use as an alternative to (or else use it as an alternative to (or else use the contents as an alternative to /dlcanch/armor/armyjumpsuit/ and (or else use the contents as an alternative to those in /dlcanch/armor/armyjumpsuit/)textures/armor/vaulthelmettextures/armor/vivavegastextures/armor/wastelandclothing02/._outfitm.psdtextures/armor/wastelandclothing03/._outfitm.psdmeshes/armor/powdergangmeshes/armor/headgear/boomerhat03.nifmeshes/armor/headgear/vaultsecurityhelmet/m/vaultsecurityhelmet_skinned.nifmeshes/armor/metalarmor/m/oufitm - Copy.nifmeshes/armor/vaultscientist/._f

There are many useful weapon mods for FO3 that add more weapons, different weapon stats, higher resolution textures and models, and additional capabilities (primarily the capabilities to add mods to weapons and for weapon aiming in the first person view). Unfortunately the mods that provide one new feature like better textures and models don't always support all the additional desired weapon features. Mods in the Compatibility Patches section help with this compatibility, but in many cases choices still need to be made for which feature combinations can be included on any particular weapon. Some of the weapon mods below support the Weapon Mod kits mod and a few support the RH_Ironsights mod; these are noted in the mod requirements when relevant. Users will need to select which features (texture quality, Weapon Mod kit compatibility, RH_Ironsight compatibility, FWE weapon stats comptaibility) are important when installing the weapon mods below. There is even another option for weapon modability that isn't in the guide, namely the Book of Earache which replaces most of the vanilla weapons with versions that use a different approach than WMK for adding mods like scopes. For that reason the mods in the weapon section are not all compatible with each other.

Markie's Fallout_3_Modding_Guide also suggests the following:RH_Ironsights.esm forces the use of some vanilla weapon textures rather than better quality textures from mods that overwrite the vanilla textures. To eliminate this problem:Start xEdit and select the RH_IRONSIGHT.esm plugin.Expand the plugin by clicking on the + sign, and then expand texture set" using the + signNotice that the first 9 texture set entries have green text with a yellow background, and the next entry has a red background.Use the mouse to select these 10 entriesRight click on these highlighted entries then click RemoveThis redirects the RH_Ironsights master to use the texture with the highest priority in MOClose xEdit, saving the RH_IRONSIGHT.esm plugin.

RH_IronSights adds what should have been in Fallout 3 at launch, namely iron sights, or the ability to look down your weapon when aiming in first person. A basic Ironsights capability is included in Fallout New Vegas. Thanks to Satur9 for the info on the 10mm weapon texture fix.

Fortunately there are 2 mods in the Compatibility Patches section that balance this mod's weapon stats with those of other mods in this guide, so the ALIVE mods are not used or needed to distribute the weapons to vendors and NPS.

Install the main file 20thCW_19thCW_v5_1.rar with MO, unchecking Calibr.esm and all the plugin files with ALIVE in the name so these are not installed. Install the update _20thCW_19thCW_v5_12.rar with MO using Merge to replace some textures in the main file. Also install it with MO using [Merge] to put the plugin into the Mod Organizer mods folder for this mod along with the rest of the files for the mod. Then install 19th_and_20th_Century_weapon_conditions.rar with MO using Merge to add it to the mod package in MO.

These mods provide some interesting new weapons, especially the Adaptive Combat Rifle, with improved textures and more flexible gameplay. Some of the weapons can be configured to be compatible with RH_Ironsights. Some include weapon mods, but these mods are not compatible with Weapon Mod Kits.

If the ACR is already being used in the game a clean save is required. Before installing this mod make a game save. Temporarily unselect all of the ACR mods in the left pane of MO and start the game; note that the bashed patch might need to be rebuilt if the ACR plugin is disabled. Make a new save and exit the game. Then reenable the base ACR mod and enable this new mod. If the bashed patch was rebuilt in the previous step then rebuild it again now that ZL-ACR.esp is active. The revised ACR mod is then usable. Of course, as is always true after a clean save, any ACR weapons previously owned by the player are no longer present. If desired these can be readded using the console.

The rest of the weapons mods are ones that provide remodels and/or retextures for vanilla weapons. Two major sets of retextures are included, one by Cristopher Wallace and one by Millenia. The last subsection also includes some mods that use Millenia textures but also provide WMK and/or RH_Ironsights compatibility, unlike the other Millenia retexture mods.The notes for these mods mention which vanilla weapons are replaced. Note some of the weapon mods in the Weapon Enhancements section as well as the FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition mod also provide new models, textures, and/or stats for the vanilla weapons.

Millenia is the premier weapon texture designer for weapons in the Bethesda games. A large set of weapons have been developed for Fallout NV, and some of these have been ported back to Fallout 3. The Fallout NV Millenia weapons typically support the Fallout NV Weapons Mods Expanded (WMX) mod that allows weapon enhancements, and are standalone weapons vs. replacements for vanilla weapons. The Fallout 3 versions ported from FNV replace vanilla weapons, and don't support the equivalent Fallout 3 Weapon Mod Kits mod. These use different meshes than the vanilla weapons, so the Millenia textures can't be used with WMK meshes without some graphic editing or use of some Fallout NV Millenia textures that support WMK meshes. There is currently RH_IronSights - FOSE support for only five of the Millenia weapons.


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