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عبدالقادر الضو عبدالله
عبدالقادر الضو عبدالله

Crossing The Rubicon Torrent [PORTABLE]

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The countries that have imposed sanctions for the first time, in crossing this political Rubicon, are more likely to have the political will to impose them in the future, as other crises emerge. Lawmakers and civil society groups will be emboldened by the precedent when they call for sanctions to address other issues. These countries have also developed important legal and technical capabilities that will outlast the war in Ukraine. To take autonomous sanctions action beyond the basic imposition of travel bans requires more than simply assenting to implement U.N. measures. It usually requires individualized legislation (as seen in the cases of Japan and New Zealand), dedicated sanctions teams, and resources allocated to enforcing the sanctions that are imposed. All of these enhanced capacities can be deployed to other crises or issues in the future.

Throughout Europe there was great alarm. Devout menwent from land to land preaching a crusade for thedelivery of the holy places. Christian princes raised mighty armies and, crossingthe seas, fought bravely to drive the unbelievingSaracens back to their native deserts.

At such a time could Frederick Barbarossa remain idleat home Could he rest quietly who had spent fiftyyears in the turmoil of war As well could the mountaintorrent stand still on the brow of a precipice. Hesounded the word of command; he put himself at thehead of his armed hosts; he led them forth to thedefense of the Holy Land. Neither mountains nor seasnor sun nor storm delayed his march; and dismay filledthe hearts of the Saracens when they heard of hiscoming.

On a day in early spring his army arrived upon thebanks of a broad stream in Asia Minor. The land of theSaracens was on the farther side; the banners of theSaracen army were seen in the distance. But the streamwas deep and rapid, fed by ice-cold torrents from themelting snows of the mountains. There was neither ferrynor ford; and the soldiers paused, fearing to goforward.

He turned his horse quickly and plunged into thestream. His thousand mailed knights upon theirimpatient horses followed him. The roaring watersleaped high to meet them. Horsemen and steeds battledbravely with the flood. They were borne down by thetorrent; their heavy armor dragged them to the bottom;not one was able to reach the farther shore.

After successfully crossing this river, the sinners reach the terrifying Southern Gate of the City of Yama. In this city the sinners along with the souls with good deeds are judged by the Lord of Justice (Yama or Yamaraja). The sinners are taken to hell and the better souls are taken to heaven. 1e1e36bf2d


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