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Buy Kitchen Hood

Whatever your type of kitchen, there is a range hood to match: popular and inexpensive canopy style, architectural-grade chimney style, downdrafts, recirculating fans in microwaves and even custom range hood inserts. Your choice of a range hood depends on your kitchen size, layout, cooking preferences and desired price point.

buy kitchen hood

A range hood, also known as a vent hood or stove hood, removes smoke, airborne grease, odors and heat from a stove or cooktop, ducting all to the exterior or, with ductless units, recirculating it back into the house. An electric-driven fan moves the air upwards (sometimes, down or sideways) through a filter.

Canopy range hoods typically are installed under kitchen wall cabinets. Easy to install and cost-effective, canopy range hoods send smoke and fumes out the wall or up through the ceiling. Some models are recirculating, so this makes them easier and less expensive to install.

Chimney range hoods consist of a range hood over a stove or cooktop, with a vertical flue, or chimney, rising from the top of the hood. The chimney continues through the kitchen ceiling, attic and then out of the roof.

Range hood inserts represent the ultimate custom-designed range hood. Inserts are the inner workings of the range hood, including the hood, fan, light and everything else, but minus the outer hood cover. Subject to local code, the outer cover can be built using any number of materials. Even wood is a common outer hood material.

If you frequently cook large meals and your stove generates high BTUs, you will want a range hood with a greater ventilation capacity. If you rarely cook and your meals are simple, you can get by with a minimum capacity range hood such as a microwave over-the-range hood or a canopy under-cabinet range hood.

Finding a range hood with a price commensurate to the kitchen remodel cost is relatively easy, though, since range hoods can cost as little as $50 for one-speed recirculating canopy units, on up to $6,000 for artisan-grade riveted, hammered copper range hoods.

Installing a range hood involves electrical work, venting to the outside (itself involving roofing or siding work), and attaching the range hood within the kitchen. Labor costs run as low as $200, extending up to $1,000.

Buying the right kitchen ventilation system or hood can be tricky and overwhelming - there is a variety of designs to select from, but you also need to consider what size and type of ventilation is compatible with your cooking surface. Read our guide below for tips to consider before buying a ventilation appliance for your kitchen.

Under Cabinet hoods make a bold statement in the kitchen with their taller height hood options. They are the perfect option for smaller kitchens and limited spaces since there are shorter hood options as well. They are typically installed under cabinets and are a wall installation.

Custom insert hoods are installed at cabinet-depth, made to fit seamlessly with your custom cabinetry for a premium kitchen aesthetic. Multiple speed settings remove odors quickly and effectively, with minimal noise to maintain a peaceful kitchen.

With ventilation, the noise level is measured in units called 'sones'. Less sones equates to a quieter ventilation system and therefore a more peaceful kitchen. A powerful vent shouldn't compromise on noise level, and Bosch ventilation maintains both strong suction power without being disruptive.

We understand that time and convenience mean everything to you and your kitchen or bath project. That's why we offer fast & free shipping on most items, where your order will ship the next business day when in stock.

Range hoods help clear away the grease, smoke and odors that linger in the air as culinary creations come to life, reducing cooking odors. Finding the right range hood height and depth for your kitchen helps smoke, odors and grease work their way into the vent and out of your home.

The best range hood size for your kitchen depends on the dimensions of your cooktop and the available space above your cooktop for installing your hood. The ideal range hood for your space should match the width of the cooking surface to make sure it effectively catches smoke and odors from the dishes cooking below. Most ranges and vent hoods are available in 30", 36", 42" and 48" widths.

Choosing the right range hood for your kitchen also means taking CFM and BTU ratings into account. CFMs, or cubic feet per minute, measure the venting strength of your range hood and tell you how much air your vent can suck up in one minute. The higher the CFM rating, the more powerful the vent. BTUs, or British Thermal Units, let you know how hot and high of a flame your vent can handle coming from a gas burner below. For proper venting, be sure to find a range hood with a BTU rating that matches or exceeds the BTU output from your range.

Finding the right fit for your range hood requires jotting down a few important dimensions. To get an idea of the space you have to work with, start by measuring the cooking surface, then move on to measuring the area between the cabinets, the height above the cooking surface and the depth of the cooking surface. Work your way through the steps below to gather exact measurements for your range hood.

Measure the available space above the cooking surface by securing the measuring tape at the base of the cabinets or ceiling above the cooktop, then extend the measuring tape straight down until it reaches the cooktop surface. Keep in mind that, once installed, there should be anywhere from 24 to 36 inches of space between the bottom of the range hood and the cooktop surface.

Every range hood is different, and the installation manual for your hood should specify a minimum and maximum distance for installation. Some typical clearances suggest a minimum of 24 inches of clearance above an electric range or cooktop, and 27 inches above a gas range or cooktop.

Well-suited range hood vents can clear the right amount of grease, smoke and odors from your kitchen. The ideal hood vent for your space should be the same width as your cooktop and deep enough to sufficiently cover both back and front burners.

Not only does powder coating make your new range hood look beautiful, but powder coating can also enhance its durability and add an extra layer of protection. Powder coating resists corrosion from rust and other chemicals boosting your range hoods longevity. Maintenance with a powder coating is kept to a minimum saving you time and money in the long run.

Range hoods require special finishes because they function in your kitchen and are close to your food. Traditional finishes often contain harmful volatile organic compounds which pose a risk to humans. Our powder coatings follow all regulations to keep you and your family safe from toxic fumes and harmful chemicals.

Whether you're remodeling an existing kitchen or building a new one from the ground up, Copper Hoods gives you plenty of options for your range hood. In addition to styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and everything from farmhouse-inspired designs to ones that evoke an Italian villa, we can also work with you on a custom design. Delivery of your Copper Hoods is fast and easy with our no middleman policy. Your hood comes straight from the metalsmiths to your house. As we say, if you can dream it, we can make it.

All our hoods are built with high-quality 16-gauge copper that has been hammered and shaped by hand. We finish them with a baked-on clear coat to ensure the lustrous glow doesn't fade or tarnish over the years. Upkeep is a cinch. An occasional light cleaning with a mixture of warm, soapy water is all that's required. And, of course, we stand behind all our copper range hoods.

All our hoods can be ordered with a pre-installed ventilation and lighting system. They're built with commercial-grade stainless steel and galvanized steel and incorporate halogen lighting for superior visibility. The ventilation systems range from 390 CFM to 1250 CFM and can be augmented with in-line blowers for additional ventilation.

We're passionate about helping bring dream kitchens to life with handcrafted copper range hoods and sinks. In addition to a wide range of styles, you can also choose from smooth, soft hammered or heavy hammered textures and a natural copper, antique copper or oil rubbed bronze finish.

We cater specifically to professional hood cleaners, restaurants and foodservice operations, so you can trust our word when it comes to anything related to kitchen hood filters, range hoods, and their cleaning. Our thousands of satisfied customers include top-of-the-line restaurants, luxury hotels and resorts, commercial feeders, schools and universities, casinos, government organizations, professional hood exhaust cleaning companies and property management companies. is the Hood Supply Super Store. In addition to our high-quality high-temp access doors, we also offer a wide array of other hood parts, including hinge kits, HVAC filters, baffle grease filters, and much more.

Duct access panels are necessary in hood systems where the grease ducts have areas not accessible for proper cleaning. All of our access panels meet NFPA 96 requirements and provide a solid, leak-proof solution that is simple to install. Contact us now by phone at 877-394-9731 or LiveChat with us for more information on our Hi-Temp access panels.

Commercial kitchen hoods are not one size fits all. The right equipment for your kitchen exhaust system will depend on your specific needs. Consider the following before investing in a hood system for your business:

Different menus mean different needs. If you only need to ventilate heat and condensation, Type II hoods could be enough for you. However, grills, fryers and other equipment that release grease and other particulate into the air require more advanced Type I systems.

Gas and electric ovens, pizza cookers, rotisseries and steams fall at the lighter end of the range. Fryers, woks, char-grilling and lava rock grilling will require heavier equipment to clear and cool the air in your kitchen. 041b061a72


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