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Hunter Phillips
Hunter Phillips

Gold Rush The Game Anniversary-CODEX 2021

Formed in mid-19th Century Earth by Oswald Grady during a gold resource rush in an area then known as California, an early partnership with another prospector by the name of William Brunt established a two-family enterprise which operated on a small local scale until the mid-21st century. In 2046 the company was inherited by a direct-descendant Zeppo Grady, considered a visionary, who quickly expanded the business outwards with the invention of asteroid-hunting drones to bring resource-rich rocks into Earth's low orbit for dismantling. The concern has continued to grow exponentially since that time. interrupted only by periodic wars and the destruction of its home state. Grady & Brunt was the first Earth-based concern to attain the title "Inter-Stellar Corporation".

Gold Rush The Game Anniversary-CODEX

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Scrapbook of clippings, correspondence, stock certificates, etc., chiefly for her father, Samuel P. Dorsey, Wells, Fargo agent, 1857-1904, and former owner, Idaho Maryland mine. Also, material relating to descendents of William Taylor, gold rush pioneer. 041b061a72


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