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Where To Buy Sports Shoes

I've played several rounds in them and so far I'm really happy. The size 15.5 actually fit a little better than previous 15 wide shoes. I tested the waterproof on Saturday and they stayed 100 percent dry on the inside.

where to buy sports shoes


So far with 2 rounds on the shoes they have been fantastic! Lighter than my previous shoes and so far durable enough for the courses I have played so far. I am really looking forward to how they hold up over time.

Great purchase. These shoes are comfortable even on my wide feet. Great grip I played a round of disc golf right after a rain and had no slipping issues. I'm very pleased with this purchase, thank you Idio!

The Syncrasy uses industry standard sizing with a unisex mold. The majority of our users find the Idio Syncrasy's to fit in the same size as their athletic shoes. This size chart provides the heel-to-toe measurement that can often be compared with your current manufacturers' size guide to help determine the best fit for you.

If you have not sized your foot in some time, we suggest visiting a sporting goods or footwear store to have your foot professionally measured. This chart below should be used if that is not an option. For best accuracy, be sure to measure more than once preferably with the help of a friend. Should you have any questions about sizing or the fit of the Syncrasy, please reach out to

For as long as sports have been around, people have been examining footwear and how they can make all sorts of activities easier on our feet. Sports shoes are the answer to allow our feet some relief from being punished relentlessly during a passionate tennis match, the twists and turns of a fast-paced netball competition, or the pounding endurance of running a marathon.

No matter your particular passion, at Sportitude we have a set of sports shoes that will improve your game, and give you that next level advantage over the competition. We have men's running shoes and women's running shoes, all available from well-known brands such as Mizuno, Nike, Asics, Brooks, and many others. You can find the perfect shoes for your feet and sport of choice easily by using our Shoe Finder which walks you through your exact needs and preferences like sport, size, brand, favourite colours and budget.

For the runners, we have Australia's largest range of running shoes to conquer your next marathon, daily jog through the urban jungle or on the treadmill at the gym. If you enjoy getting out amongst nature with the extra challenge of running through undulating courses of mixed surfaces then trail running shoes are a better option for you. If you lead an active day or mix up a few different types of sports activities and like to have a shoe that can do it all, consider a pair of cross-training shoes.

At Sportitude you can find shoes to fit the entire family. We have shoes to fit everyone, including kids and adult football boots. When choosing your shoes you can also pick up some suitable sports clothing from all the major brands. You can pick up a pair of those perfect matching socks, or a replacement running shirt to complement your training regime.

Before you head on over to the shop and delve into all the sports shoes, first you need to know what activity you're specifically buying shoes for. This will help you narrow down the options and give you a clearer picture of what you should buy. For example, if your main activity is running, then buying a shoe designed for basketball is not going to give you the support you need. Although that's an extreme example, it does show that most shoes have a certain purpose, this is why you'll find that shoe companies make a variety of different sports shoes. Without knowing the exact differences, it can be hard to pick the right ones for you. At Sportitude we have put them all into easily searchable categories.

If your current sports shoes fit well and you simply need a replacement you can use the search and sort function on our website to get down to suitable shoes. When deciding on your shoes, you can look up all the details on the shoe details page. If the description suits what you're seeking to achieve from the shoes, then go ahead and grab those. At Sportitude we can ship shoes directly to your door, and with free shipping for orders over $100, that's every excuse to get a second pair and keep your feet happy for a few more seasons.

Most sports shoes are an investment that needs to be looked after. If your shoes are muddy and dirty giving them a good clean can help increase their life. While most shoes have a synthetic upper and they are easily cleaned, care still needs to be taken to make sure that you don't inadvertently damage some of the material. If your shoes have a leather upper you may need to take more care and use a leather protectant after they have been cleaned.

If you have several pairs of shoes, it is a great idea to take care of them all at the same time. This will make cleaning more efficient and can be a great time saver. Get your cleaning area set up before starting, the tools you'll need are, a soft brush, a clean and dry cloth, a small brush (an old toothbrush is ideal), wooden toothpicks, a newspaper, and a bowl of lukewarm water with sensitive dishwashing liquid. Then you can follow this short guide for cleaning your shoes:

Don't put shoes out in the sun to dry. It can warp the upper and cause unsightly staining. Plan ahead when washing your shoes as they may take a day to completely dry out. If you use your sports shoes every day, it is best to have a few pairs so you have some to use while the others dry out.

While there are many tried and tested quick methods for stretching out new sports shoes, the best and easiest is to simply wear them around your home. It will take around a week to properly break in new shoes and for them to properly form to your feet. You don't need to be working out, in fact even sitting down watching television will do it, the natural sweat and heat from your feet will be enough to get the job done.

Finding a suitable store to buy your shoes can be a challenge. Many retail outlets are fairly limited in what they can carry, and mega sports stores are often missing out on the appropriate specialist training to give you great footwear advice. Shopping online with a sports specialist store like Sportitude gives you the best of both worlds - a huge selection of shoes, and specialist expert advice from a team who are as passionate about their sport as you. Our team is just a click or a phone call away and our online store is open all hours. So you can shop from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you and get free delivery to your door for orders over $100.

We classify our shoes based on what type of run or workout you intend to use it for. The men's collection features three styles. The best workout shoes in the USA known as the Enda Itens: perfect for short runs, cross-training and gym workouts. Our second line is known as the Lapatet: best daily training, best marathon and road running shoes. The newest of our three styles is the Koobi Fora trail running shoe.

With such extreme terrain diversity in trail running and the specific needs of our feet and bodies, there is no single best trail running shoe for everyone and every condition. In this section, we profile five incredible shoes that cover a breadth of ground as far as for whom and for what conditions they excel.

While we included some cushioned trail shoes in this guide, we took a deeper dive with a dedicated best cushioned trail running shoes guide with a larger set of both highly cushioned and moderately cushioned trail running shoes.

Most trail shoes should handle a moderate amount of mud, but for the muddiest of runs, you may want to consider dedicated shoes with enhanced traction. To find some great options, look no further than our best trail running shoes for mud guide.

Folks with a longer history of running in traditional running shoes might want to stick to trail shoes with higher 8- to 12-millimeter drop like found in the Salomon Speedcross 6 or Brooks Cascadia 16, or, at most, very gradually transition down to lower-drop shoes if desired. These days, the majority of trail shoes come with moderate drops of 4 to 8 millimeters, like the Saucony Peregrine 13, Nike Pegasus Trail 4, and Brooks Catamount 2, which seem to work for a wide range of runners.

Most other trail shoes will have 3- to 5-millimeter lugs that are a bit more closely spaced and work in a great variety of conditions, such that unless you live in a notoriously wet environment, shoes with lugs in this range are likely to work as your everyday trail shoe.

Quite frankly, in all but the most extreme situations, any pair of running shoes will work on the trails. That said, read the next point as to why you might want to pick up a pair of trail shoes after all!

Unlike even road surfaces, the uneven surface of trails can lead to rocks or roots poking through and irritating (or injuring) the bottom of your feet. The most common solution here is one of many forms of a rock plate underfoot that provides push-through protection for your feet. Trail shoes with thick midsoles and/or very deep lugs might skip a rock plate altogether if those components provide adequate separation between the trail and the sole of the foot.

When used for their intended purpose of running on trails, trail running shoes can be more durable than their road running cousins. This increased durability is primarily through material choice and construction patterns in the upper.

The paragraphs above highlight some of the aspects of trail running shoes that make them different than road running shoes. Road running shoes can reduce weight by minimizing outsole lug height, eliminating any rock plates for underfoot protection, and having more minimal uppers that are lighter and possibly more breathable. 041b061a72


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