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Cherub The Recruit: The First Book of the Action-Packed Cherub Series - Free Download

Cherub The Recruit Book Free Download: How to Read the First Book of the Cherub Series Online

If you are a fan of spy fiction and action-adventure stories, you might have heard of the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore. This series follows the exploits of a secret organization of teenage spies who work for the British government. The first book in the series, Cherub The Recruit, introduces us to the world of Cherub and its main protagonist, James Adams.

cherub the recruit book free download

In this article, we will tell you what Cherub The Recruit is about, why you should read it, and how you can download it for free online. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the book and the series.

What is Cherub The Recruit?

Cherub The Recruit is the first book in the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore. It was published in 2004 and has since sold over five million copies worldwide. It has also been adapted into a graphic novel and a film script.

A brief summary of the book

The book follows James Adams, a 12-year-old boy who lives with his abusive mother and his half-sister Lauren. After his mother dies of an overdose, James is sent to a children's home where he gets into trouble with the police. He is then recruited by Cherub, a secret branch of MI5 that trains children as spies. James undergoes a grueling 100-day basic training course where he learns various skills such as martial arts, weapons handling, survival techniques, and espionage. He also makes friends and enemies among his fellow recruits.

After completing his training, James is assigned to his first mission with his partner Amy Collins. They have to infiltrate a commune called Fort Harmony, where a cult leader named Keith Moore is suspected of running a drug trafficking ring. James and Amy have to pose as Moore's children and gain his trust while gathering evidence against him. Along the way, they face many dangers and challenges, such as rival gangs, corrupt cops, violent thugs, and betrayal.

The main characters and themes

The book introduces us to some of the main characters of the Cherub series, such as:

  • James Adams: The protagonist of the book and the series. He is smart, brave, rebellious, and loyal. He has a knack for getting into trouble but also for getting out of it. He loves sports, video games, and girls.

  • Amy Collins: James's partner and friend. She is older than James by two years and acts as his mentor. She is calm, confident, clever, and compassionate. She has a crush on another Cherub agent named Kyle Blueman.

  • Kyle Blueman: A senior Cherub agent who helps James during his training. He is friendly, funny, charming, and gay. He has a boyfriend named Tom who works as a nurse at Cherub.

  • Kerry Chang: James's girlfriend and rival. She is also a Cherub recruit who competes with James during the training. She is strong, competitive, ambitious, and stubborn. She has a soft spot for James but also challenges him.

  • Zara Asker: The chairwoman of Cherub. She is the boss of all the Cherub agents and staff. She is strict, fair, wise, and respected. She oversees the missions and the welfare of the children.

The book also explores some of the themes that are common in the Cherub series, such as:

  • The moral ambiguity of spying and lying for a good cause.

  • The contrast between the innocence of childhood and the harshness of the adult world.

  • The importance of friendship, teamwork, and trust in dangerous situations.

  • The thrill and excitement of adventure and risk-taking.

  • The challenges and rewards of growing up and finding one's identity.

Why should you read Cherub The Recruit?

There are many reasons why you should read Cherub The Recruit, such as:

The benefits of reading spy fiction for young adults

Reading spy fiction can be beneficial for young adults in many ways, such as:

  • It can stimulate their imagination and creativity by exposing them to different scenarios, settings, and characters.

  • It can enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by challenging them to follow the plot twists, clues, and strategies.

  • It can improve their language and communication skills by introducing them to new words, expressions, and styles.

  • It can increase their knowledge and awareness of various topics, such as history, politics, culture, and technology.

  • It can inspire them to learn more about the real world of espionage and intelligence.

The popularity and acclaim of the Cherub series

Cherub The Recruit is not only a great book by itself, but also the start of a great series that has won many fans and awards over the years. Some of the accolades that the Cherub series has received are:

  • It has been translated into 27 languages and sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

  • It has won several awards, such as the Red House Children's Book Award, the Hampshire Book Award, the Lancashire Children's Book of the Year Award, and the Sakura Medal.

  • It has been praised by critics and readers alike for its realistic, fast-paced, and gripping storytelling.

  • It has been recommended by teachers and librarians as a good choice for reluctant readers and boys who don't like reading.

  • It has spawned several spin-offs, such as the Henderson's Boys series, which tells the origin story of Cherub during World War II, and the Aramov series, which follows a new generation of Cherub agents.

How can you download Cherub The Recruit for free?

If you are interested in reading Cherub The Recruit but don't have a physical copy or an e-reader, you might be wondering how you can download it for free online. Before we tell you how to do that, we need to address some legal and ethical issues first.

The legal and ethical issues of downloading books for free

Downloading books for free online is not always legal or ethical. Depending on where you live and what source you use, you might be violating the copyright laws or the terms of service of the website. You might also be depriving the author and the publisher of their rightful income and recognition. Therefore, before you download any book for free online, you should consider some factors such as:

  • The availability and affordability of the book in your region. If the book is easily accessible and reasonably priced in your area, you should buy it instead of downloading it for free.

  • The intention and purpose of your download. If you are downloading the book for personal use only and not for distribution or profit, you might have a fair use defense in some cases. However, this does not mean that you are exempt from any legal consequences or moral obligations.

  • The quality and reliability of the source. If you are downloading the book from an unauthorized or untrustworthy source, you might be exposing yourself to malware, viruses, or other risks. You might also be getting an incomplete or inaccurate version of the book.

  • The respect and support for the author. If you are a fan of the author or the series, you should show your appreciation and gratitude by buying their books or recommending them to others. This way, you can help them continue writing more books that you enjoy reading.

The best sources to find Cherub The Recruit online

If you have decided to download Cherub The Recruit for free online, you should use a reputable and legal source that respects the author's rights and offers a high-quality version of the book. Here are some of the best sources that we recommend:

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that provides free access to millions of books, movies, music, and other media. It also preserves historical and cultural artifacts for future generations. You can find Cherub The Recruit in PDF format on the Internet Archive website. You can either read it online or download it to your device. You can also borrow it for 14 days if you create a free account.


OceanofPDF is a website that offers free PDF and EPUB downloads of thousands of books in various genres and languages. You can find Cherub The Recruit in both PDF and EPUB formats on the OceanofPDF website. You can either read it online or download it to your device. You can also request a book that is not available on the website.


ReadAnyBook is a website that allows you to read books online for free without registration or download. You can find Cherub The Recruit in HTML format on the ReadAnyBook website. You can read it online on any device with an internet connection. You can also adjust the font size, color, and background according to your preference. is another website that is part of the Internet Archive project. It hosts various types of digital content, such as books, audio, video, software, and web pages. You can find Cherub The Recruit in PDF format on the website. You can either read it online or download it to your device. You can also borrow it for 14 days if you create a free account.


In conclusion, Cherub The Recruit is a great book for young adults who love spy fiction and action-adventure stories. It is the first book in the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore, which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide and won several awards. It tells the story of James Adams, a 12-year-old boy who becomes a spy for a secret organization called Cherub. He has to infiltrate a cult leader's commune and expose his drug trafficking ring.

If you want to read Cherub The Recruit for free online, you can use one of the sources that we have mentioned above, such as Internet Archive, OceanofPDF, ReadAnyBook, or However, you should also be aware of the legal and ethical issues of downloading books for free online. You should respect the author's rights and support their work by buying their books or recommending them to others.

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about Cherub The Recruit and how to read it online for free. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Cherub The Recruit and the Cherub series:

  • Q: How many books are there in the Cherub series?

  • A: There are 17 books in the main Cherub series, divided into two phases: Phase 1 (books 1-12) follows James Adams as the main protagonist, while Phase 2 (books 13-17) follows Ryan Sharma as the main protagonist. There are also two spin-off series: Henderson's Boys (7 books) and Aramov (3 books).

  • Q: What is the reading order of the Cherub series?

  • A: The recommended reading order of the Cherub series is as follows:

  • The Recruit

  • Class A

  • Maximum Security

  • The Killing

  • Divine Madness

  • Man vs Beast

  • The Fall

  • Mad Dogs

  • The Sleepwalker

  • The General

  • Brigands M.C.

  • Shadow Wave

  • People's Republic

  • Guardian Angel

  • Black Friday

  • Lone Wolf

  • New Guard

  • You can also read the Henderson's Boys series and the Aramov series in any order, as they are set in different time periods and feature different characters.

  • Q: Is Cherub The Recruit suitable for children?

  • A: Cherub The Recruit is suitable for children aged 12 and above, as it contains some violence, language, and mature themes that might not be appropriate for younger readers. However, parents and guardians should use their own discretion and judgment when deciding whether to let their children read the book or not.

  • Q: Is Cherub The Recruit based on a true story?

  • A: Cherub The Recruit is not based on a true story, but it is inspired by some real-life events and organizations. For example, the author Robert Muchamore got the idea for Cherub after reading about the child spies who worked for the French Resistance during World War II. He also researched various aspects of espionage, such as training methods, gadgets, and missions, to make his story more realistic and believable.

  • Q: Is there a movie or a TV show based on Cherub The Recruit?

  • A: There is no movie or a TV show based on Cherub The Recruit yet, but there have been some attempts to adapt it into a film or a series. In 2008, a film script was written by Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle, but it was never produced. In 2016, a TV series was announced by Komixx Entertainment, but it was never made. As of now, there is no official news or confirmation about any future adaptations of Cherub The Recruit.



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