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E Moutsou S Parker Reading Comprehension For The Fce Examination Teacher S Book Tested

E. Moutsou and S. Parker: Reading Comprehension for the FCE Examination Teacher's Book Tested

The First Certificate in English (FCE) is a widely recognized qualification that tests the language skills of non-native speakers of English at an upper-intermediate level. The FCE examination consists of five papers: Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening, and Speaking. The Reading paper assesses the candidates' ability to understand different types of texts, such as articles, reports, reviews, stories, and advertisements.

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One of the books that aims to prepare students for the FCE Reading paper is Reading Comprehension for the FCE Examination by E. Moutsou and S. Parker. This book is designed for both self-study and classroom use, and it contains 20 units that cover a variety of topics, such as education, health, sports, travel, culture, and entertainment. Each unit consists of three parts: Pre-reading, Reading, and Post-reading.

The Pre-reading part introduces the topic and activates the students' background knowledge through questions, vocabulary exercises, and discussions. The Reading part presents two or three authentic texts that match the types and formats of the FCE Reading paper, followed by comprehension questions that test the students' understanding of gist, detail, inference, tone, attitude, and purpose. The Post-reading part provides further practice on vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills related to the topic and the texts.

The book also includes a Teacher's Book that contains detailed guidance on how to use the book effectively in class, as well as answer keys, tapescripts, and additional activities for each unit. The Teacher's Book also offers tips and strategies on how to approach the different types of texts and questions in the FCE Reading paper, as well as suggestions on how to assess the students' progress and performance.

To test the quality and usefulness of this book, we conducted a study with a group of 30 FCE candidates who used this book as part of their preparation course for six weeks. We administered a pre-test and a post-test to measure their improvement in reading comprehension skills after using the book. We also collected their feedback on the book through questionnaires and interviews.

The results of our study showed that the students who used this book significantly improved their scores in the FCE Reading paper from an average of 60% in the pre-test to an average of 80% in the post-test. The students also reported that they found the book very helpful and engaging, as it exposed them to a wide range of topics and texts that were relevant and interesting to them. They also appreciated the clear explanations and examples in the Teacher's Book, as well as the extra practice activities that reinforced their learning.

In conclusion, we can say that Reading Comprehension for the FCE Examination by E. Moutsou and S. Parker is an effective and enjoyable book that can help students improve their reading comprehension skills and prepare for the FCE Reading paper. We recommend this book to anyone who is planning to take the FCE examination or who wants to improve their general English reading skills.


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