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My Girl Kim Chiu

The story starts with Jasmine (Kim Chiu), a girl working with her two friends, Christine (Alex Gonzaga) and Jeffery (David Chua), as guides for Chinese tourists, to earn money for her and her father Chito (Lito Pimentel) who always gambles. One day he scores big time at a horse race; however he and Jasmine got robbed and Chito can no longer pay a gangster for his borrowed money. He overhears one day that he is a useless father and he leaves.

my girl kim chiu


With his charm and irresistible good looks, Niko can make any girl fall in love with him, except for the one girl (Jasmine) who truly captured his heart. Upon meeting her, he will discover that there's more to life than just the pleasure of women. However, as he discovers Jasmine's true identity, he will also find out her love for his best best friend Julian.

A beauty queen who is Julian's ex-girlfriend. They broke up when she decided to leave him after winning a beauty pageant rather than marry him. She still continues to hope for Julian to love her again. Anika has strong feelings for Julian and wants him back, no matter what comes in her way.

Jasmine, a poor yet industrious girl. Since she has traveled to different places with her father, Jasmine is street smart, charming and witty. She is also a fighter and uses her favorite line "Tira-tira!" when provoked. Because of a unique situation, she will meet Julian and in an unexpected turn of events, Jasmine and Julian will be forced to live in a web of lies and deceit. Edit Translation

hello betchay! kumusta? this version of my girl has aired last week, at first, i found it funny and entertaining. kaso lang, medyo overacting si kim sa role niya. mas gusto ko pa din yung original. and GMA 7 is also airing soon the pinoy version of Kim Sam-soon, with Regine Velasquez as the lead role and Mark Anthony Fernandez as her leading actor.

I like Kim and Gerald sa my girl.ang cute kasi ni Kim at ang gwapo ni gerald. hmmmm nakakabaliw talaga..I love watching ABS-CBN show lalo na ang my girl.. HmmmmmmHope na silang dalawa pang habang buhay,,Kim and GeraldGodbless and more power on your career.Love you always Kim and Gerald.. Mwaaaaaaaa

my daughter and i are avid fans of my girl we especially like kimerald combination, would just like to ask if you are by any chance selling the birthday gifts juliaN buys for jasmin whenever it rains so that we could keep it as souvenirs after the show has already ended?


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