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Jaxon Hill

Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard Face Codes Free

Face Codes are 36 character long codes including letters and numerals. This can be used to share a character face created in any of the Mass Effect games in the trilogy, to be transferred to the other two games.

Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard Face Codes

If you want to find your face codes from original games then you can copy them from the left-hand side of the Squad Menu. Once we have interesting face codes we will be making an article to share with everyone.

My Commander Natalie Shepard's headmorphs and face codes! She is a Spacer Sole Survivor Sentinel in my game, but she's adaptable and can be whatever you want her to be! You can install her headmorph with the Trilogy Save Editor or paste her Face Code into a fresh character creator. Enjoy!

I'm working with the default face codes, though. Please let me know if you decide on a look for your ME1 Femshep if you end up using the ME1 in-game character creation. I'd also be interested to see what you decided on for ME2 (but again, I'm working with the defaults and no mods).

With all the remastered games coming out. Maybe bioware will put together a version of the game with better graphics. Then it would be easier to make your video look more consistent. It's been so long since I played mass effect 1. 350c69d7ab


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