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Owen Nelson
Owen Nelson

Fix Generator Samsung Clp 365 V.

To add a BOM output generator to an open Output Job file, click Add New Report Output under the Report Outputs category and choose Bill of Materials from the pop-up menu. A second menu is provided from which you can specify the data source (which source document(s) is to be used when the BOM report is generated). Only applicable data sources are available, leaving less room for error.

Fix Generator Samsung Clp 365 V.

Download Zip:

Once added, double-click the new entry to access the Report Manager and customize the BOM as outlined in this document. Once the output generator is configured, link it to the relevant Output Containers. A BOM report can be generated as file-based output or published as a PDF. It can also be printed by sending directly to a printing device as Hard Copy (through a configured Print Job).


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