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Muslim Pro Premium Ipa Cracked 5

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Muslim Pro Premium Ipa Cracked 5

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Interesting risk that this could introduce for families considering MI.If they take the risk that 1) they trust the district staff in the development of MI (the parent meeting was disturbingly light on details, not a confidence booster, alot of open questions remaining)2) They trust the MI method in general will suit their child, their child will not only 'make it' but will be happy and will thrive. and They trust they won't clash with strong willed Charles or the other strong willed parents that will be there exerting their will over the program.3) they trust the never-before-tested "ohlone way" philosphy makes sense for an MI program, and it makes sense for their own personal preferance for educational styleAnd they get selected to join MI...then they basically give up their spot at their neighborhood school.If anything goes haywire, they'll ultimately get sent - goodness knows where - for school. Pretty much any overflow school, or to the school of the kid next on the MI waiting list. A total crapshoot - very little liklihood that they'll find space back at their "North" neighborhood school if that's where they would ahve gone.As for Dad's tactical question - great question - a very reasonable question that the MI prospective (and Ohlone waiting listers) should defintely understand. If anyone gets a response from the board or from Charles -please share with us.I don't see how they could just be moved over to regular Ohlone - the Regular Ohlone program has its own waiting list, own lottery, and will be absolutely full. There will be no open spaces in the regular Ohlone classrooms - and the MI brochure even says the regular Ohlone and MI Ohlone lotteries are total separate. I can't imagine how Charles would justify the MI people would get to line jump into the regular Ohlone program if they drop out of MI.That's a bummer. Oh well, I guess you gotta pay if you wanna play. (I think of a few very idealistic folks (like Nico) here - all sounds well and fine, until you get there and = oh woops = not quite all its cracked up to be? oh well. You just volunteered yourself to vacate your neighborhood school... But that's OK - I'm sure the district is loving your voluntary transfer out of your impacted North school anyway.

And - you'd think that logic (and pretty simple math) would say that the more they they attract into the lottery, the worse the chances are for those hardworking tireless few to get in. So, its not really in the supporters best interest to load up the lottery - is it? Particularly since 200 to 300 already interested would seem like pretty bad odds for those looking for a scarce few seats. Why the advertising if odds are already so slim? The only way it makes sense is if the spots for those 'tireless few' are already secured. (In which case the other regular folks are probably hopping mad that they're going out of their way to load up the lottery.) Or the other way it makes sense is if they're throwing the party but no one is showing up. In which case we're being misled to believe that 200-300 people at the parent info night means 200-300 interested in signing up for MI?(Woops - where are all the party goers? Could it be that pesky little proof of Palo Alto residency requirement? Or that little nagging concern about whether kids need to be in English speaking classrooms to build English proficiency first? Or that teeny weeny little issue of MI prospective parents disliking the "Ohlone Way" philosophy? Or just not enough Palo Alto parents interested enough in Mandarin Extreme? You know, all it takes is a little doubt to really throw a monkey wrench into the whole works. If you have just a little doubt that you're this might not doing the BEST thing for your kids education... I mean, their kids education is probably an area of extremely low risk tolerance for most parents. Isn't that why most people have bought in to Palo Alto - they were willing to PAY a HUGE premium to get into a school district that would give them the highest probability for a great education. Its really an educational risk equation at play in Palo Alto. So are these the parents who are willing to take this much risk on the MI program? Lets see, wonder how we find out what the lottery turn out is?

VOR - in fact the risk associated with joining the regular Ohlone program is well understood because we have a plentiful history and lots of data to look at as parents. As parents, we have proof that there is a high liklihood that regular Ohlone does what it says it can, and we can also go take a very close look at their methods (and teachers) in action. We can talk to others who have experienced it. The risk of entering regular PAUSD is well understood, because we have plentiful history, and lots of data - and all of the above. We have proof. We have results. Its not a gamble. (In fact Palo Alto property owners call it just the opposite as they pay a premium for the recognized value in PAUSD schools.Where can we see some sort of history of mandarin being taught in an 'ohlone' student-based learning approach? As a parent of an incoming kinder- I can't afford to risk (while the school district rolls out an experiment). The concept of MI Ohlone Way is a an unknown. A gamble.Ohlone parent - interesting comments about the teacher situation. Just adds fuel to the point - extreme high level of RISK involved here for parents considering this program: VOR states above: It's not possible to overstate the value of good teaching. Exactly. The teachers (and how well they understand and support the Ohlone Way concept) is another huge unknown.Especially considering (as VOR states) the methods and quality IN THE CLASSROOM in the program are expected to be so highly effective that it (magically?) will eliminate the need for the homework loads normally associated with normal MI programs.VOR - I object to the use of your term 'Vanilla' in reference to the standard Ohlone program. Its time for you to get used to the fact that MI at Ohlone will be the same as the English spoken Ohlone program - just in Mandarin. Or so says Susan Charles. I can see by your comments you are already setting up for a show down between MI and Ohlone Way. Secondly, the term "vanilla" is a term used in industry to connote 'out of the box', not customized, and lacking in bells and whistles, not customer oriented. (My Ohlone is better than your Ohlone?) You are in fact proving that you are the source of division as you use the term "vanilla" to describe the 'vanilla' Ohlone that is not your MI program. Its insulting.

Parent,I've never been to China, so no opportunity to use either restroom. I was in the Taiwan airport once though--they had those little international symbols--what happens in those countries where both sexes are wearing sarongs, anyway?No, I learned the symbol for man as a kid in, I think, an article in Highlights. It stuck with me because it's a bit like a stick figure.The Potomac stuff is interesting. You'd think with the $60K and the free trips to China, Cook and co. could have done some basic research on programs in the U.S. But again we saw the price of heavily politicizing educational policy. I also now really wonder why they didn't look at the attrition issues of the immersion programs in Canada--a country where there's a very real advantage to being bilingual (it's required for Civil Service jobs.) I mean, the Canadians have been running these programs for more than 40 years and serious attrition for academic reasons is still a problem.Why on earth wasn't that in the feasibility studies--particularly in a district where classrooms are at a premium? I just find it beyond irresponsible on Cook's part. Just Waiting,Yes, I could find out how to pronounce "mei mei", but it's not something I can simply and readily hear the way I can Spanish. It's simply a more difficult language for non-native speakers. As for llteracy rates, I'm aware of those figures. What you need to look at is what "literacy" means and how it's assessed. It's what I described--a limited number of symbols--1,000 to 1,500, depending on occupation and no testing of writing ability. China has done a great deal to bolster its literacy figures in an effort to look good, but the reporting of it's problematic. The stats for what we view as literacy in English (ability to read and write) are much lower. Again, it's the difficulty of the language.If you have a widely spoken language where literacy doesn't have its own issues, then there's no reason for that language to lose its dominance.On your second note--one of those leaders has a kid in Ohlone regular, don't know if he got into MI and, of course, we don't know about GM's kid. The board said if they started a charter applicantion, they'll kill the trial MI program. So, that's the deal now. However, if the program's floundering in three years, I don't see a reason why they wouldn't raise it again in an attempt to secure Garland, frankly.If I were the Board, I'd tell 'em to go file and throw them half of Greenfell. It's a bad site for a neighborhood school, but a good site for a commuter one. They don't need a full site because the native-speaking population's not big enough for a large program.Well, okay, I'd be inclined to play hardball and place them in south San Jose, but I'm obviously fed up. Greenfell, I think, would be a fair option, though. Let PACE run its own school since they tend to think like private-school parents anyway. 350c69d7ab


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