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Everything You Need to Know About Futsal in One Buku Panduan Futsal PDF

Thru the Professional Futsal Association, you are eligible for listing on the USASA National Official Futbal rankings, and thus, qualify for USA Futsal tournaments and the Futsal Premier League. However, you must be a member in good standing. You may play in two leagues as you are welcome in both the USA Futsal Premier League and the USA Futsal National League

buku panduan futsal pdf

We will be hosting 2020 Futsal Elite Camps in October 2020 (similar to previous camps) as well as in December 2020. Futsal Elite Camp is designed for girls and boys ages 10-17 in futsal program.

Futsal is an indoor soccer game made of four players who are exclusively goalkeepers. In futsal, the goalkeeper must not only defend his goal area, but also, keep the ball in play in the air and on the ground. They need to keep the ball from going out of the penalty area and must be able to work either offensively or defensively, depending on the situation.

  • there are many benefits that a futsal goalkeeper will receive from attending the workshop: get feedback and tips on your own performance and progress.

  • improve your decision making and improving your overall game.

  • learn the basics of futsal tactics.

  • get better at futsal dribbling.

  • get the basics of futsal passing.

  • learn how to master the right equipment.

  • get the basics of the futsal goalkeeper position.

  • improve your techniques in all shots.

  • learn futsal skills training drills.

with this aim, dusan matic has developed a goalkeeper training curriculum, the best-selling futsal-guardiana. it is designed as a course of 12 workshops, and will help futsal goalkeepers to improve their decision making, ability to read the game, and the overall performance. the course is created to help every goalkeeper to discover his own qualities, and further develop them on a daily basis. it is created for all futsal goalkeepers, regardless of their age, gender, and sport background.


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