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Unless you opt for laser eye surgery, vision correction is part of your annual spending. According to contact lens manufacturer Acuvue, the yearly cost of contact lenses can range from $120 to $1,200, depending on your insurance and the type of contacts you need.

where to buy cheap contacts

The 25% discount helps cut costs for more expensive contacts. For example, GlassesUSA sells a 90-pack of Acuvue Oasys 1-Day for $97.17 per box. But with the discount, the price drops to $72.88 per box. At Walmart, these lenses cost over $75 per box unless you shop in bulk.

Lens categories include daily, weekly, and monthly disposables. AC Lens carries single-vision, bifocal and multifocal lenses, toric lenses to correct astigmatism, and color lenses. You can also find conventional vial and RGP contacts.

ContactsDirect also offers a vision test to renew your prescription. You can take it with either a smartphone or a computer rather than needing to use both. But it costs $29.99, whereas some online sellers offer free vision tests.

While it might not seem like your vision has changed, it's important to check your prescription and evaluate the health of your eyes; the wrong contacts could cause damage without showing any visible symptoms.

Regular eye exams are important not only to check your prescription but also to evaluate the health of your eyes. This is especially important for contact lens wearers because the contacts could be causing damage to your eyes without necessarily causing any obvious symptoms.

Discount Contact Lenses is a great place to look for your next pair of contacts. They offer a wide range of prices and prescriptions, and have subscription options that make getting your prescription easy. If you're not looking for a subscription service, and would rather have a one-stop-shop purchase, LensCrafters is your best bet.

Warby Parker doesn't just sell affordable and stylish eyeglasses -- the company sells contact lenses too. You can pick from Scout, Warby Parker's own contact lens brand, or get contacts from Acuvue, Biotrue, Air Optix, Dailies and other major brands.

A three-month supply of Scout daily contacts (a total of 90 lenses) starts at $47, which is a good deal for daily contact lenses. Depending on where you shop and the brand you use, prices online can vary from $60 to $200. You can get a six-day trial pack of Scout contact lenses to see if you like them before committing to a full supply.

Depending on your vision insurance, you may be able to use your benefits to pay for your Warby Parker contacts purchase. If your insurance company doesn't directly work with Warby Parker, you can instead file a claim with your insurance to be reimbursed for any qualified orders.

As one of the best-known contacts stores, 1800Contacts stocks all of the most popular brands, and you can even get hard contacts through its call center. One CNET editor praised the company for providing customer service that went above and beyond.

A popular source for cheap contact lenses among my fellow CNET editors is ContactsDirect, because it often sends out coupon codes to customers. It has a wide selection of lens type options, including multifocal lenses, colored contacts, soft contact lenses for dry eyes and toric lenses for astigmatism.

To get started, you'll need your contact lens prescription (more on that below). Simply search for the brand and model of contacts from your prescription at any of the stores above to find your specific lenses. Disposable contacts are sold in boxes, and most online shops give you a deal if you buy a six or 12 month supply, rather than one box at a time.

During the checkout process, you'll enter your prescription information to select the correct lenses and then submit verification of your prescription. Most stores allow you to upload an image or PDF of your prescription, or you can opt for the company to contact your doctor to verify it. This process can take as little as a few minutes or up to a few days if the store contacts your doctor. Once that process is complete, your order will be finalized and cleared to ship directly to you.

Yes. Contact lenses are medical devices that require a prescription for you to purchase them -- either online or in person. Before you start shopping, you'll first need to get an eye exam and contact lens prescription from your optician or optometrist. An eye doctor can help you determine the best prescription lenses for your specific needs, whether that's daily contacts, soft lenses, hard lenses, lenses for astigmatism or multifocal lenses.

Disposable contacts will cost you more money in the long run over a pair of glasses. For example, Acuvue Oasys, one of the most popular brand of soft lenses, average around $25 to $40 for a box of 12 lenses at the stores above. That box of 12 is enough for three months (one lens per eye, thrown away every two weeks). That adds up to around $160 per year for contacts.

Pro tip: Right after your contact lens exam, it's almost always worth it to get a year's supply of your current prescription. Regardless of whether you're buying daily disposable contacts, monthly lenses or even multifocal contacts, buying in bulk will help you save money.

Warby Parker is an online eyewear retailer known for mailing glasses frames that users can try on at home before purchasing. The brand also carries contact lenses, and our review found that Scout, the company's in-house brand of contacts, is the most affordable among our best online retailers for cheap contacts.

Scout contacts come in a pack of 90 daily lenses for $55 and are delivered in a unique flat-packaging design that has 80 percent less material than regular contact lens blister packs, according to Warby Parker.

Warby Parker does not offer subscriptions for contacts. The retailer does provide 15 percent off your first order, so it may be worth stocking up if the retailer carries your preferred contacts. You can also get a free trial of 12 Scout daily contacts after you verify your prescription with Warby Parker.

The in-house contacts brand, AquaSoft, is tied with Miru for the cheapest price for a box of 30 daily lenses at $25 per box. Miru is an independent brand that uses the same manufacturer as Warby Parker Scout contact lenses.

The Gajillion Percent Promise from 1-800 Contacts includes price matching, free returns and exchanges, and free torn lens replacements. There is no deadline on returns, and you can even exchange unopened contacts purchased at other retailers for a credit. If the contact lenses are expired, 1-800 Contacts will exchange open and unopened boxes. A customer service representative confirmed to our reviews team that unopened boxes can be returned for a refund.

Standard shipping and returns are free, and take five to seven business days. 1-800 Contacts also offers two- or three-day shipping for $14.99 and overnight shipping for $19.99 if you need new contacts ASAP. Prescription verification can take up to one business day, but if you need it done faster, you can send a photo of your prescription via text to 41800 before 5 p.m. Eastern time to get your order shipped the same day.

LensDirect is an online glasses and contacts retailer that offers ongoing coupon codes and discounts for contact lens subscriptions. You can order a 3-, 6-, or 12-month supply of contact lenses with subscription discounts that can make it more affordable to buy contact lenses in bulk. LensDirect also offers an AutoRefill subscription that lets you set the frequency of your orders, includes unlimited free shipping, and gives you 20 percent off your first order plus 5 percent off all future orders. This online retailer is our pick for the best cheap contacts for bulk subscriptions based on these subscription options.

ContactsDirect offers discounts on popular contacts brands for bulk orders of a 6- or 12-month supply. An annual supply can save you up to $100 on a total order, making ContactsDirect our pick for the best site to buy cheap contacts online if you need a year supply.

Our reviews team chose the best sites to shop online for cheap contacts, comparing top brands for dailies, biweeklies, and monthlies that deliver orders to your home. Scout contacts by Warby Parker are the cheapest in-house contact lenses from these brands. These daily contacts come in a space-saving flat packaging, and you can also get a $50 credit toward a pair of Warby Parker glasses frames when you purchase an annual supply.

1-800 Contacts offers the best customer satisfaction policies, discounted subscriptions, and price-matching policies, which made the retailer our choice for the best value for cheap contacts. The brand has no time limit on returns and will even accept returns of contacts purchased at other retailers and expired contacts for a credit.

No. You always need an updated, valid prescription to order contacts online because they are classified as medical devices by the FDA. In general, the recommendation is to have your prescription updated every year or two.

If you need contact lenses to see, you know how expensive they can be. Contact lenses may be essential, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways to save money on them. One of the best ways to get cheap contacts is to switch to a cheaper brand (with your doctor's permission of course)!

Longtime contact lens wearers know that different lenses have different recommended wearing times. Doctors prefer prescribing daily lenses, since they are the healthiest. However, daily lenses can often times be the most expensive option. One way to get cheaper contacts is to switch to a weekly or monthly lens.

Monthly contacts tend to be the cheapest overall, since you only need to buy a few lenses total. If you don't have any special condition like astigmatism or presbyopia, then the cheapest monthly contact lens will probably be either Biofintiy, Air Optix HydraGlyde, or Ultra.

Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde is another cheap monthly contact lens. Sometimes the price can be more expensive than other monthly lenses, but Air Optix also has a $30 manufacturer rebate. When you purchase a year's supply, the rebate can really help bring this lens' price down. 041b061a72


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