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Toad Sql Tuning Module Not Installed

When you can diagnose SQL Server performance issues quickly and accurately, ensuring a healthy database infrastructure is not just possible, but easy. Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise delivers simplicity without compromise by providing unmatched monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of your SQL Server environments, ensuring peak performance around the clock. With intuitive overviews of enterprise health and performance, automated alerts and actions, an integrated Xpert tuning module and mobile device support, Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise makes it easier than ever to obtain the data you need to ensure the health of your SQL Server databases.

toad sql tuning module not installed

Now you have a MySQL database, ODBC and an ODBC MariaDB connector installed and basically configured. The next step is to recompile Asterisk so that the ODBC modules which required the previously mentioned items can now be built. Once those modules exist, then you can configure the proper configuration files in Asterisk depending on what information you want to write to or read from MySQL.

If you already had Asterisk installed from source and the modules you need are already selected by default in menuselect - then the recompilation process could be as simple as navigating to the Asterisk source and running a few commands.


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