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Download 31st October Book In Hindi ((NEW))

Book Projects AlgebraicTopology This book, published in 2002, is a beginning graduate-level textbook on algebraictopology from a fairly classical point of view. To find out more or to download it in electronic form, follow this link to the download page.

download 31st October book in hindi

Download Zip:

This unfinished book is intended to be a fairly short introduction to topological K-theory, starting with the necessary background material on vector bundles and including also basic material on characteristic classes. For further information or to download the part of the book that is written, go to the download page.

This is an undergraduate-level introduction to elementary numbertheory from a somewhat geometric point of view, focusing on quadratic forms in two variables with integer coefficients. See the webpage for the book for more information or to download an electronic version of the book. A print version has been published by the American Math Society in 2022, but the electronic version will remain freely available here.

Those who are applied for the LIC Assistant examination, they can download the availability of exam books for the exam preparation. The LIC Assistant Preliminary exam is scheduled to 30 & 31st October 2019. Candidates should prepare accordingly.


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