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Carter Ward
Carter Ward

Dude In His 40ies; Well Travelled; Thicc; Body ...

Starting in middle age, a man's blood vessels begin to stiffen and his blood pressure often creeps up as well. His blood itself changes, becoming more viscous (thicker and stickier) and harder to pump through the body, even though the number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells declines.

Dude in his 40ies; well travelled; thicc; body ...

Though the other jeans we tested were made from 98% or 99% cotton, the Bonobos Premium Stretch Denim Jeans are made from 94% cotton, 5% polyester, and 1% elastane. That lower percentage of cotton is why the Bonobos jeans are especially comfortable and well equipped to handle a wider range of body types; cotton has less give than both polyester and elastane.

Whenever possible, shop for jackets and trousers at businesses that offer in-house adjustments. If necessary, take them to a tailor as well. The fit should be closer than an older man's. Don't wear anything so tight it pinches, but avoid any loose cloth hanging off the body when the garment is properly buttoned.

And speaking of that, a professional man's closet needs casual jackets. Several of them. A tapered shape is going to flatter your body, and by stepping up the formality a notch, you're showing everyone that you can afford to dress well for pleasure as well as business.

When somebody is like family but they're not technically related to you, they're your fam. But after 40, calling any tight circle of friends your fam is like calling a peer your BFF. At that point, you might as well also exchange friendship bracelets and sign each other's yearbooks.

I found a few methods to deal with these conditions. I practice yoga to calm and relax my mind and my body. I engage in moderate workout once or twice a day to get the heat out of the system before it rushes like volcano erupting. Deep breathing is the most amazing. IT can be practice any time of the day. It is the best way to orientate myself when my heart rate is racing. Big help with the dizziness. For the queasiness, I keep cracker handy to binge on. Avoiding oily, sour and spicy food as well when ever I get that sick feel.

Once these clots form, they can travel to other parts of your body, causing harm. Factors and conditions that can cause troublesome blood clots, as well as serious conditions that are associated with blood clots, include:

In October 1591 Fawkes sold the estate in Clifton in York that he had inherited from his father.[e] He travelled to the continent to fight in the Eighty Years War for Catholic Spain against the new Dutch Republic and, from 1595 until the Peace of Vervins in 1598, France. Although England was not by then engaged in land operations against Spain, the two countries were still at war, and the Spanish Armada of 1588 was only five years in the past. He joined Sir William Stanley, an English Catholic and veteran commander in his mid-forties who had raised an army in Ireland to fight in Leicester's expedition to the Netherlands. Stanley had been held in high regard by Elizabeth I, but following his surrender of Deventer to the Spanish in 1587 he, and most of his troops, had switched sides to serve Spain. Fawkes became an alférez or junior officer, fought well at the siege of Calais in 1596, and by 1603 had been recommended for a captaincy.[3] That year, he travelled to Spain to seek support for a Catholic rebellion in England. He used the occasion to adopt the Italian version of his name, Guido, and in his memorandum described James I (who became king of England that year) as "a heretic", who intended "to have all of the Papist sect driven out of England." He denounced Scotland, and the King's favourites among the Scottish nobles, writing "it will not be possible to reconcile these two nations, as they are, for very long".[13] Although he was received politely, the court of Philip III was unwilling to offer him any support.[14]

In an attempt to gain foreign support, in May 1605 Fawkes travelled overseas and informed Hugh Owen of the plotters' plan.[27] At some point during this trip his name made its way into the files of Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury, who employed a network of spies across Europe. One of these spies, Captain William Turner, may have been responsible. Although the information he provided to Salisbury usually amounted to no more than a vague pattern of invasion reports, and included nothing which regarded the Gunpowder Plot, on 21 April he told how Fawkes was to be brought by Tesimond to England. Fawkes was a well-known Flemish mercenary, and would be introduced to "Mr Catesby" and "honourable friends of the nobility and others who would have arms and horses in readiness".[28] Turner's report did not, however, mention Fawkes's pseudonym in England, John Johnson, and did not reach Cecil until late in November, well after the plot had been discovered.[3][29]

As a back sleeper, there are particular pillow features you should take into consideration when shopping. In their advertising, pillow brands make all pillows sound good, even though not all will work well for your body. It's important to bypass the hype and focus on what's important.

When the GYN came to visit me, she said that I had a stubborn "type" of cancer cell - called "clear cell"; fortunately, a chemo treatment for "clear cell" was now available and my body responded very well to the treatment. I had pills for nausea and was never sick - just very tired and lost my hair, which for me was very difficult. After finishing chemo, my CA-125 number was low and has remained so for almost 6-1/2 years.

I woke up May 10,2009 and went to pee like I do every morning. I had blood in my urine. I got so scared. My stomach had been the size of a pregnant woman in her 9th month all of April. My doctor didn't know what was wrong. After tests to see if I was having internal bleeding, because I was taking blood thinners due to blood clots in my lungs and one in my right leg. I was going to get an ultra sound done later that morning on the 10th. I looked in the mirror and I was white as a sheet. I am a light skinned black woman. I said a prayer. But I was so scared. I brushed my teeth, washed up, got dressed as quick as I could. Drove to my grandmother's house shaking all the way and praying. I made it there in about 8 minutes. She lives about 15 to 20 minutes away.Got up the stairs and rung the bell. As soon as she answered the door I told her to call emergency I had to got to the hospital,and that there was blood in my urine. I sat nervous and waiting, trying to stay calm because I have panic attacks. The EMT team came took me to the hospital. I peed again and the urine was the color of cranberry juice. The nurse said I could have a urinary tract infection. I was just scared. I waited in the room with my mother, grandmother and aunt. The doctor came in got my history and told me they were going to do a ct scan.Another nurse appeared and told me to drink this fluid for the test. I took the test. Then waited. The doctor came back in and told me I had ovarian cancer. I screamed. Cried my eyes out. They released me and I went home to my grandmother's. I couldn't sleep. I was so uncomfortable and scared. I went to my doctor the next afternoon. I was admitted to the hospital that evening. I met my Oncologist. She told me I had Ovarian Cancer stage 4 and ascites. She also told me there was too much disease to do surgery. I had tests done. There were tumors in both ovaries, on my abdominal wall, one in my liver, on on my spine, and a bunch in my omentum. The next morning I got my stomach tapped. They took 6 liters of fluid off. I had to have a blood transfusion because my hemoglobin was at 7. I had chemo after that. Had an allergic to the chemo so they stopped it. The next morning I met with my doctor, she changed the chemo drugs and I had the chemo the next day. I got my stomach tapped one more time. They took 6 liters that time also. I was released after being in the hospital for 10 days.When I got home my son put me on an alkaline diet. No meat, dairy or grains. Fruits and Vegetables only. I had my stomach tapped the week after I got home. They took 4 liters that time. And that was the last time I had to have it tapped. I got chemo again 21 days after the first time. I was on a 21 day cycle. I found out my CA125 tumor marker was 16,000. When I had the test again a month later it was 13,000. I started taking alkaline supplements and an immune booster, so I wouldn't catch a cold or the flu. I was going crazy only eating fruits and veggies. I continued chemo but it was ravishing my body. They had to give me another blood transfusion and a platelet transfusion and an iron transfusion as well as shots to build my blood levels. My CA125 went down to 734 after my 3rd cycle. They finally reduced my chemo dose. I was put on a weekly cycle. My tumor marker continued to drop, 37, then to 26. I had two weeks to go but the chemo was still to strong. I had my last treatment at the end of October. My levels were too low to continue. In December 2009 I had my second PET scan. No cancer anywhere. I just went to the doctor yesterday February 10,2010. My CA 125 is 18.I am in remission. I don't want the surgery. I will continue to take these alkaline supplements. I feel like they are the reason the cancer is too small to detected. My email is

I first want to say how glad I am that I found this website. The stories have been an inspiration and they fill me with such hope. In March 2008 my mother age 64 began losing weight and her hands were swelled. She had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome years earlier. Her and my father were under extreme stress and depression. They were on the verge of losing their home of 30 years and their business of 40 years because of the bad economy. I am the 2nd eldest daughter and me and my older sister thought the tiredness and weightloss were all part of her life situation. She went to the doctors for her hands in December 2007 and they told her to take ibuprofren. Finally in May 2008 she was sent to a arthritis specialist who gave her a lung x-ray because he suspected a deadly auto-immune disease that turns your body to stone. We were terrified but not as much as when they found a mass on the x-ray in her abdomen. We were lucky she was only 5'2 and it showed up. Immediate hysterectomy with debulking. she was 3C. After operation first question out of my mouth was How many years has a patient of yours with the same stage of ovarian cancer survived? He answered 22 years I have clung to those words since Six months of cheomo up in Jan 2009. CA-125 at 6. It is now October 2009 and her CA-125 is creeping up first 25 now 67. We have cat-scan on Wednesday then go from there. My mother had not been to a gynecologist in 5 years since hers moved to Florida. She had been to every other doctor for high blood pressure to cholesterol. Why was CA-125 not standard? I am scared but hopeful. I always come back to this website I want survival stories from all you brave, courageous and inspiring women. Thank You! 041b061a72


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