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7 Best Joomla Security Extensions To Protect Your Website

Plus, you need a sitemap.xml file for search engines to easily index your website too! Add this sitemap to your Google Webmaster Tools. You can use XML-Sitemaps to automatically generate this file for you. Or you can alternatively use Joomla extensions like JSitemap. Your final sitemap link should be like this:

7 Best Joomla Security Extensions to Protect Your Website


Joomla extensions are great to get your brand new website to the next level as they provide a solution for content, images, caching, security, and adding other improvements. The powerful Joomla extensions make Joomla management, an effortless task. But choosing the right extensions becomes a dilemma for the beginners as about 5 extensions are added to Joomla Extension Directory each day.

All the Joomla extensions, discussed here are compatible with Joomla 3.x. So, feel free to download these extensions and upgrade your site. If you are thinking to redesign your Joomla site or create Joomla Template, you can pick the best & easy to use Joomla website Builder software and website builder software or download free Joomla templates. As it is fully compatible with all the below-mentioned Joomla extensions. You can also read best Joomla hosting, Joomla code snippets, and Joomla Template Framework.

AdminExile is a highly rated free Joomla extension. It stops serious attempts to access your site administrator page. It redirects them to the homepage, 404 error, or somewhere else. However, it is no fact that keeping your website safe and secure is highly important. Then having this extension installed on your Joomla website will give you protection against all administration vulnerabilities.

JCH Optimize is used to speed up your Joomla website. It combines CSS & JavaScript files into a single file to generate fewer HTTP requests. Also, optimizes download time and reduces bandwidth. It is favorable for enhanced user experience, good traffic, and high ranking in search engines. Generally, this is one of the best Joomla extensions that increase your site speed from 6 to 10 points. The main features of JCH optimize are listed below.

Well, extending the functionality of a website is essential to stay competitive. And, there is no doubt that a right Joomla extension will serve your purpose. With its endless features like security, backup, cache, SEO, and ease of use, you can enhance the working of your websites in few clicks. As of now, you have a clear view of the best Joomla extensions, you can choose the suitable extensions for your website. Got some more extensions in mind or you think I missed some important ones? Feel free to mention them in the comments below.

In this article, we'll cover the inside Joomla part. You can use any of this Joomla security extension recommended below to secure your website. There are tons of Joomla security extensions on JED but we did the hard work for you to select the best Joomla security extension from it.

Admin tools is one of the great Joomla security extensions by of Akeeba Ltd, and also known as true swiss army knife. We know, every Joomla release comes with some security patches, and it is essential to be updated. Admin tools notify you about new releases of Joomla, fixes your directories, file permissions and updates automatically.

AdminExile helps to prevent attacks by hiding the login URL and it is also known as one of the best Joomla security extensions. It adds an additional key value in the login URL so that the users who know the key can only reach the URL. If someone tries to enter who does not have the key will be redirected to another URL.

jHackGuard, the name explains it all. The main task of this extension is to prevent a website from being hacked and take care of Joomla security issues. It protects from cross-site scripting, SQL injections, thwart remote code execution, and remote URL or file inclusions.

As attacks on Joomla websites by hackers are increasing, owners might have to suffer a huge loss of data, money and time. To prevent these losses, JomDefender comes with Joomla security scanner services that gives you protection from these hacker attacks. This extension decreases the vulnerabilities of your site and close security holes for hackers.

Open Source Antivirus is one of the best Joomla security extension that allows you to remove any malicious codes from your server site. It comes with Joomla security scanner and uses several techniques for detecting viruses and Joomla security issues. It automatically deletes the malicious code, if write access to a file is permitted, which gives you maximum protection.can

Now you can easily protect your Joomla forms and third-party extensions with EasyCalcCheck Plus extension. It comes with external antispam services like Akismet, Google ReCaptcha, Honeypot project, Mollom, StopForumSpam, Botscout, Bot-trap. It gives protection via a token in the backend so that the admin login page can be opened only with the right token.

After the fresh installation of Joomla, some security gaps occur. Securitycheck protects you by closing those gaps. It checks for Joomla security issues in your site.It blocks hacker attacks, unauthorized proxies, and fixes misconfigured permissions.

For improving your safety and performance, you can use these security extensions according to your need. These joomla security extensions will find out every Joomla vulnerabilities and you will be able to relax with your site. You can install any extension directly from Joomla extension directory. Always see details of extension before installing or updating.

Sometimes security extensions might not be enough to save from hacking. Therefore it is wise to use a backup software like Akeeba Backup. It performs the backup of your Joomla site automatically and in time of need allows you to recover from the backup.

All CMS come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Should you go for WordPress or Joomla? The differences between the two CMS lie in user friendliness, security, and the available templates, plug-ins, and other extensions. Keep reading to find out which system is best suited to your needs.

If you built your website with a content management system (CMS), you can enhance your website with security plugins that actively prevent website hacking attempts. Each of the main CMS options have security plugins available, many of them for free.

At HostGator, we also take website security seriously, but most importantly, we want to make it easy for you to be secure. All HostGator web hosting packages come with a free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will be automatically applied to your account, but you do need to take a few steps to install the free SSL certificate on your website.

Holding yourself to a high standard for password security is step one. You also need to make sure everyone who has access to your website has similarly strong passwords. One weak password within your team can make your website susceptible to a data leak, so set expectations with everyone who has access.

Even if you do everything else on this list, you still face some risk. The worst-case scenario of a website hack is to lose everything because you forgot to back your website up. The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you always have a recent backup.

Online security is really a big issue in this modern technology age. We are not same, someone can steal our valuable online resources. So most of the people are worried about their security. Especially, the website owner and blogger, using https, security plugin, and regular backup can be your best choice. Thanks for this article.

Joomla Content Management System (CMS) is widespread on the internet due to its ease of use and popularity since it is the second-largest CMS downloaded over 110 million times. But, even though popular, Joomla and all other websites, apps, eCommerce sites, or other CMSs contain security risks. You cannot escape them but fortunately taking the right precautions from the start can ensure your site is protected.

Be smart while choosing your Joomla admin usernames and passwords. Don't use "admin" as your username and choose a complex password. This is probably one of the best ways to harden your Joomla security, and ironically it is one of the easiest.

More information about restricting directory access by IP address using htaccess can be found here. You may also use security extensions that can restrict access to the Joomla admin backend using the IP filtering feature and includes many other features which strengthen your Joomla website security.

Updating your Joomla website can provide security and stability to the site. Further, not all updates are full site version updates; a few updates may be minor and are simply bug fixes, while others are version updates.

It is recommended to use a minimum number of extensions on your website to get the optimal Joomla security level. Using untrusted 3rd-party extensions or templates might pose vulnerabilities and affect your Joomla website performance. Not all 3rd party extensions are free from trouble; if you have the luxury of avoiding a 3rd-party extension, do so! Choose and use professional extensions and templates from reputable companies, and keep them updated to protect your website.

Protect your website from a variety of hacking attacks and strengthen your Joomla site security by updating your site's PHP version to the latest stable release. Make sure to select a PHP version that is compatible with your Joomla templates and extensions to prevent breaking your site. There's a variety of ways to update your PHP version. The main ones are covered in an article in the September 2020 issue of Joomla Community Magazine: How do I update my PHP version?.

It is necessary to limit the login attempts on the Joomla admin backend to avoid brute force attacks to your Joomla website. This can be implemented by various Joomla security extensions that protect your website administrator backend from hacking attempts. You may find such extensions in the Joomla Extensions security list category. 041b061a72


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