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Download Fps Creator X10 Full Version

FPS Creator (FPSC for short, now called FPS Creator Classic = FPS Creator X9) is a classic and foolproof First Person Shooter game engine bringing stunning visuals. It was developed by The Game Creators in 2008, then it changed its name to FPS Creator Classic in 2016 and was released as a free and fully open-source project with many model packs on GitHub. As a result, FPS Creator X10 became its final version update, which should be the predecessor of GameGuru.

Download Fps Creator X10 Full Version


From our experience with the FPSC community, we also felt an automatic update feature would be helpful. When the software starts, it has the option to check the main FPS Creator X10 server to see if there are any new versions available. If one is found, you have the option to have the system download and install it. No need to go hunting on the website, or learning about an update by accident on the forums any more. The feature also has the ability to update itself so we can improve the system to deliver more content to you as the product evolves from version to version.

Note: If you have model packs 3 or 5, we advise you uninstall these and download the latest versions from your Order History. The original packs included FPS system files and these are now redundant. Model packs will be updated later in October and will be identifiable by their _07 suffix. For example, becomes

One of the most important changes is the replacement of the lightmapping system with Dark Lights technology. This gives much faster mapping speeds, and much improved end results. The version of Dark Lights built into FPS Creator fully supports both dual and quad core processors. Consequently - if your CPU allows - you can lightmap your scenes significantly faster. Our test results show dual core systems mapping scenes at up to 70% quicker than single core. The bigger the game scene, the larger the speed increase.

David Goodman, creator of Phoenix Sentry Game Protection, has announced a competition based around FPS Creator. The prizes include hardware, software and a potential publishing contract for the winners. This is also your first opportunity to win the upcoming FPS Creator X10, donated to this contest by The Game Creators. The full list of prizes and competition rules follow.

"The FOTF demo was released late last year, and at the time broke some barriers in FPSC. This is the demo that led me to make and release LYTEFX (Decal Lighting Effects), simply from the crit the lighting received. My first full project, FOTF was a way to focus my FPSC level building towards something specific, rather than simply churning out media. Although the demo only features one level, the game actually got as far as one-and-a-half chapters before it was canned!"Playing it now, I can see that the texture work and modelling haven't aged well, but I still think that it's an FPSC classic. Almost all of the media is custom, from the wall textures and lights to the characters and weapons. Sure, they're not fantastic, but there is a consistent style to the media. I realise there is probably better stuff out there, but this demo had an unprecedented number of downloads, and featured in FPSfree's game of the month!"

Ron Erickson (creator of the EZrotate, TextureMax and Enhanced Animations plugins for DarkBasic Professional) has finalised version 1.2.0 of DarkBASIC Classic. There are still many people using DarkBasic Classic for commercial projects, and this has been developed in conjunction with the makers of Starwraith, a hugely sucessful title developed using the language.

There is also an integrated media browser for images, sounds, music, models and video. Code for media is automatically generated and inserted into the source editor. Although not yet complete, it is now in public beta, and can be downloaded from the forums. Don't forget to leave your feedback and help this become the fully-featured and stable product that it aims to be.

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