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King Of Kings, Majesty ((TOP))

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King of Kings, Majesty

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Jarrod: Phil and Heather came to us only 18 months ago. We've got somegreat worship leaders; there's always a difference, though, betweenworship leaders and people that can leader a team of people. It's likethe difference between a singer and a musical director. We were verystrong on the worship leader front, but we didn't have anyone thatcould really gather the team, galvanise and train them, createculture, set training routines. So we went looking, and we found Philand Heather. I'd known them without knowing them: they come from asimilar background to my own, worked with Colin Urquhart as I had.Phil was actually Teen Challenge's musical director; he came to usfrom a very similar background in style and culture of worship.

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Apostolical King or Apostolical Majesty a title of the kings of Hungary conferred by Pope Sylvester II in 1000 upon Duke Stephen I on account of his zeal for the propagation of the Christian faith. It was renewed in 1756 by Clement XIII for Maria Theresa and her successors on the throne of Austria; abolished in 1848, but reassumed (in the form of "Apostolical Majesty") in 1852. 041b061a72


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