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Where To Buy Candy For Candy Table

Add a sweet note to your celebrations with a candy buffet! Not only are candy buffets delicious ... they are beautiful too. And Oriental Trading has everything you could possibly need to create the most delicious and fun candy buffet ever. It's easy to do with the huge selection of hard candies, lollipops, chocolates, gum balls and more that you'll find at Oriental Trading.

where to buy candy for candy table


If your idea of the perfect party also includes a candy buffet, you'll find all of your candy buffet supplies right here at Oriental Trading. We have glass candy buffet jars, plastic candy containers, candy scoops and more. Plus our online candy store offers everything you need for an amazing holiday candy buffet. Coordinate your buffet with your party colors like red and green, blue and silver or silver and gold. You can even coordinate your candy buffet to match the theme of your party!

Create the ultimate candy buffet with colored themed balloons, creative and color-coordinated candy bars, shimmering gumballs, festive Hersey Kisses, swirl pops and candy canes to match your color palette. Add beautiful colored lanterns, with table cloths and centerpieces to match and you've got the perfect candy buffet table.

Create the ultimate blue and white candy buffet with blue and white gumballs, blue and silver Hershey Kisses, blue candy sticks and rock candy lollipops and white Jordan Almonds. With blue table skirts, blue and white snowflake balloons and so much more it's easy to create the perfect party.

If you're thinking about a religious candy buffet you'll find suckers in the shape of the cross, mini candy canes attached to bible verses, mini "Colors of Faith" candy canes with attached card, Hang Your Hope On Him candy canes with attached religious card, Joy To The World candy fun packs, Tangy Tarts, Scripture Candy and Faith Buttermints.

Even if you don't do a full out candy buffet, you can still dress your table with hard candies and chocolates from Oriental Trading. Use your after-dinner candies as part of your decorating theme with red and gold foil wrapped hard candies, red and green striped hard candy balls or hard candy sticks in the colors of your decorations.

If you're putting together a candy buffet table for your next event, you've come to the right place. Here at Candy Warehouse, we offer candy buffets and candy table accessories in every color of the rainbow. From black to red and green to purple, we have just the colors you're looking for to match your party's theme. Also, each buffet is already set with the amounts and types of candy. No need for you to search for hours trying to figure out how much you need and what types to buy. We've got you covered. With just a few clicks, you'll have the candy at your doorstep in just a couple of days. So, please sit back and relax and let us do all the work!

Very often people come into the store with pictures of the jars they need to fill (or with the jars themselves) and some of them are REALLY big. That might not be a problem if you are having a candy buffet for several hundred people, but it can certainly be an issue for a smaller event. Our recommendation is to look for medium size jars, that you can fill with a bag or two of candy.

Want to personalize your candy, you can do that too! There are all sorts of personalized candies you can order online ranging from M&Ms and Sweethearts (you know, those Valentine's day hearts with the cute sayings) to custom mints. If those seem a bit expensive to you or just more than you want, consider labeling some your candy. Stickers on lollipops work well or try some labels for Hershey Kisses. They are a great way to add a little something to your buffet without breaking the bank.

The coolest candy buffets have sweets in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Choose your goodies accordingly, while staying mindful of guest preferences. You should plan on purchasing about eight ounces of candy per guest. For things like lollipops, one per guest should be plenty. For the most cost-effective solution, try buying your candy in bulk.

Most buffets benefit from a tablecloth. Find one in a color that matches your candy, or keep it neutral with white. We suggest a tablecloth that is larger than your table. The excess material can be draped over pedestals to keep the look cohesive.

A candy buffet is a wedding element you can easily do on your own, but it does require some planning to pull off a coordinated look with enough candy to satisfy the sweet tooth of each guest. Check out our candy bar ideas to put together your own amazing display of sweet treats for your wedding guests.

A DIY candy bar is simple to create, but you do need a few specific supplies to make the sweet buffet run smoothly. Many of the supplies are relatively inexpensive, but the finished design makes a big impression on guests.

Start with a theme for your candy bar wedding to help you pull together all of the elements. Choose a general theme based on color or a particular pattern, or get very specific with a fun theme. Here are a few candy bar theme ideas to get you started:

With your theme in mind, start planning the details of the candy bar. One key element is the location of the candy buffet. Choose a location that is easily accessible yet out of the way. Candy buffets are often located near other desserts and food tables. Leave enough space around the table to allow for a good traffic flow.

The shape of the table is another consideration. A round table encourages guests to choose candy from all sides, while a rectangular table works well if you want to push the candy buffet against a wall.

Determine if you will have the candy buffet open all night or just for a portion of the evening. If you let guests munch on sweets from the time they arrive, you may find your supplies low by the end of the evening. Holding off until the end of dinner or the end of the reception creates a more controlled environment. Simply post a kindly worded sign letting guests know when the candy buffet opens.

Provide about to pound of candy for each person, so about 25 to 50 pounds for every 100 guests, 40 to 75 pounds for 150 guests and 50 to 100 pounds for 200 guests. This considers guests who will take more or less.

Because the candy bar idea is flexible, you can weave in other goodies to shake things up. Nuts, cookies, chocolate-dipped fruit, mini cupcakes, cake balls and other small snacks work well to round out the candy offerings on the table.

The containers serve a key role in your candy bar. They not only hold the candy, they become a part of the décor on the table. For this reason, you should choose containers that are pretty and fitting for your theme. Glass containers are popular because they let the candy show.

When arranging the containers, consider how well guests can reach. Positioning most of the containers toward the front of the table allows guests to reach everything easily. While varying the heights creates interest, it makes sense to put most of the taller containers toward the back with the shorter containers in front. This keeps everything visible and makes it easier for guests to dig in and reach the candy.

Your candy bar can be a vibrant display all on its own, with colorful candies and unique containers as simple statements of your theme and personality. If you are looking for more ways to make your bar pop, consider these wedding candy buffet and table ideas:

The candy buffet looks beautiful. Sparkling wrappers, shiny candies and whimsical lollipops fill the table. Nevertheless, how do you keep the table looking great once your guests start digging in to the sweet treats?

A candy buffet attendant is a simple way to keep things running smoothly. Work with your reception venue or caterer to determine if they can supply a staff member to monitor the candy bar. You can also enlist the help of a friend or relative to handle the job.

Hosting an event? Guests love sweets, and a good candy buffet table can be a hit at any party! This increasingly popular table is a hit at weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, and even just for random entertaining.

There are so many different types of candy tables that the colors, decorations, and ideas are endless! You can go all out with glass vases, pricey candies, elaborate designs, and custom cakes, or even put together a quality candy buffet on a budget.

Check out these awesome candy buffet ideas, they double as decoration and service of cakes, cookies, and candies to party guests. Try making your own at your next event with these candy buffet ideas, you can buy supplies here.

All City Candy can also create custom labels, personalized candy bar wrappers, and hand-dipped chocolate favors in your event colors for your special day. Custom items make sweet party favors, treats for welcome bags, and they look extra-special on a dessert table or candy buffet. Click here to download All City Candy's Party Services Brochure.

Ultimate Guide to CandyOur items are cheap only in price, not quality. Our customers are routinely pleased at our colorful and stylish supplies. For example, something simple like a candy scoop is available in your choice of 17 varieties, from aluminum to clear plastic to colored plastic. We have glass and plastic candy jars and bowls to entertain inside or outdoors. You will find various kinds of favor bags, ribbons, sticker labels, plastic and aluminum tongs, gumball machines, plastic table covers in many colors, Organza bags, colorful Jelly Belly chip and dip trays and bowls, garlands, and more. These items will help you tailor your candy buffet to your unique color scheme and theme to ensure that your display comes to life! Colorful Candy Buffet Accessories, Candy and Kits Also available are candy buffet kits in various colors. Each contains about five pounds of candy to serve feed 20 to 30 guests. Play it correctly, and you will have a cheap candy buffet that will come off looking pricey, and make a lasting impression! These kits come with everything you need to create a unique, colorful buffet, including candy buffet accessories like plastic candy scoops plus all the best cheap candy for candy buffet themes ranging from classic and elegant to eye-catching and modern. At Oh! Nuts, we always seek to bring you top-flight Candy Buffet Supplies at reasonable rates. Of course, if you'd like to create your own custom candy buffet, we have the best selection of low-cost candies and accessories to make your vision a reality. Stock your buffet with retro hard candies and novelty candies for a one-of-a-kind approach or go for the gold with all-time favorites like chocolate, gumballs and tasty wrapped candy. With our bulk-buy candy and candy service supplies discounts, you can entertain on a budget. We specialize in orders from wedding planners, corporate entertaining companies and convention and special event planners. Restaurants, hotels and resorts trust our expertise in delivering the finest candies for holidays and other special occasions. We have been an industry leader since 1995, and much of our repeat business is based on our dedication to superior customer service - whether you're an individual with a small order or an international company supplying hundreds of clients. All of our Nuts and Chocolates are certified kosher, which means they have been approved under rabbinical supervision. We also have certified kosher Hanukkah Gift Baskets and Passover Cake & Cookies. 041b061a72


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