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Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends PSN

Ferrari Racing Legends focuses on Ferrari's history across almost all of the racing disciplines, including Formula One, rally racing and sports car racing. There are over 50 different Ferrari cars to drive, and each shows off full realistic interior and exterior models, as well as damage effects. The game was released in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the first Ferrari ever built, the Ferrari 125 S of 1947.[2]

Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends PSN


There are over fifty Ferrari models to unlock and 36 classic racing tracks taken from real life. Apart from the campaign mode the game offers Free Play where any unlocked car can be drive, as well as Online play for up to eight players in a single race.

A campaign is spread across Golden, Silver and Modern eras, each one of them offering a chronological journey through the marque's rich history. They're cutely presented as well, threaded together with short and surprisingly imaginative bursts of narrative. In the '50s you're a test driver that rises through the ranks, while in the '80s you're a driver for hire who at one point has to showcase a Ferrari 308 GTS for a handful of TV executives working on a show in Hawaii.

The campaign mode guides the player through the history of Ferrari cars, similar to what Electronic Arts did with the Porsche brand in the fifth installment in the Need for Speed racing game series, Porsche Unleashed. Players complete missions such as racing, time trials and test runs whilst following the story of the protagonist and the racing team's colleagues through the years. Playing through the campaign unlocks cars and courses for quick race modes and multiplayer.

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends is the latest racing game from Atari. Originally scheduled to release last summer, TD:FRL takes the series out of the open world settings found in the Test Drive: Unlimited games and back to the closed circuits. With Slightly Mad Studios, of Need for Speed Shift fame, developing this iteration, does the game have what it takes to compete in the retail space with the other racing games available for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3?

The cars in Ferrari Legends look great, inside and out. I mean, that's what the game is there for, to give you the experience of driving over 50 Ferrari models and feeling like the racing legends you occasionally get to square off with in test laps.

Experience the Ferrari Racing Legend. The Ferrari brand comes alive in a whole new racing experience with Test Drive: Ferrari. Harvest the speed and power of these highly tuned vehicles through a variety of tracks * to challenge even the most experienced drivers. From detailed physics to extensive race circuits to sophisticated car models, Test Drive: Ferrari combines the ultimate driving experience with the ultimate sports car brand!

Follow the complete Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Walkthrough that will provide you with the strategy to be able to defeat your opponent with any of the Ferrari vehicles. Now who does not want to driver a Ferrari at top speed? Well you will have a chance in Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends to test all the Ferrari's from day one and until the current time. Step into a Ferrari Enzo and hear it roar as you step into the eleventh game series of the game and drive all the Ferraris.

Ferrari Legends will focus on Ferrari's history across almost all of the racing disciplines, including Formula One, rally racing, and GT. There will be over 50 different Ferrari vehicles to drive, and each will show off full realistic interior and exterior models, as well as damage effects.

GameplayRealism is the name of this racing game as Slightly Mad offers something for the veteran racer. The cars do feel good to drive. Handling is a mixed bag, depending on the car chosen to drive with, but most are good, since Ferrari do offer excellent cars with great handling. There is a sense of being behind the wheel of these cars as they are taken on the tracks. What is done right here, though, can be hindered at the same time. Driving aids are available for those who are not so skilled with racing games, as well as lower difficulty levels to be more accessible. The driving aids can get in the way with enjoyment, which is a real shame. 041b061a72


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