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Gerth Sniper
Gerth Sniper

Struggle of doing fitness

Doing a fitness is a common struggle, but it's definitely possible to find that balance. It sounds like you both might benefit from a more flexible approach. Instead of rigid schedules, try setting weekly fitness goals. That way, you can adjust your workouts based on your availability. I believe that it is also interesting possibility if you want to simply have some free time is to use such things as buy anavar because for me this is how you can quickly achieve progress while doing less, or at least this is how it seems to me. So maybe it is and option. I know that it takes the pressure off a bit and allows you to be more adaptable. Plus, it reduces the guilt that can come from missing a scheduled workout.

Amano Robert
Amano Robert
Sep 19, 2023

Hey everyone! I’ve been struggling to find a balance between staying fit and having enough free time for myself. Anyone else dealing with this? I mean it is cool to do some sport but in my opinion i need to have more freetime and i also want to make progress, so what should i do?



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