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When Pixel Gun 3D Was Good

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When Pixel Gun 3D was good

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This weapon shoots red and cyan needles that are emitted from its nozzle. These needles have a medium bullet travel time and can perform best at close range. These needles can pierce through multiple players and can give them the bleeding effect as well, making them temporarily lose extra health. Moreover, when the opponent doesn't have a full health bar, this weapon can fill their health bar once it shoots an enemy, due to the fact that this weapon has a attribute. Finally, it also has a 2x zoom optic sight which allows the player to shoot at an opponent more accurately.

This is a melee weapon, so it only attacks players in close range. The player holds each sword in each hand, so this weapon is swung in the form of stabbing, but each sword takes their turn when stabbing. When they hit an opponent, they get a Random Effect (either poisoning, burning or bleeding, but in any case, the player will temporarily lose health for a few seconds).

Pixel Gun 3D game with blocky multiplayer action. Have fun in this blocky-style multiplayer 3D first-person shooter game. Jump into the blocky world of one of the best free online games around. In this awesome multiplayer game, choose a blocky character and try to rack up as many kills as possible.There is a cool battle royale game mode, in which players strive to be the last pixelated character standing. Like many shooting games, Pixel Gun uses basic FPS controls - WASD movement keys, mouse to aim, and left-click mouse button to shoot the primary weapon.

  • There is a myriad of awesome maps to play on. Each map has a different layout and fantastic pathways to explore and fight along. Get used to the different maps and have fun trying the different game modes. This is a favorite game of many hardcore games - it is simple, but the gameplay is excellent and challenging.Choose from devastating weapons like sniper riflesThe game has a great choice of pixelated weapons. Remember that ammunition is limited so use it wisely! The following are some of the weapons available:Shotgun

  • Sniper Rifle with scope

  • Revolver

  • Light Machinegun

Pick your favorite weapon and use it to unleash devastation on the other pixelated characters!Fight across different blocky mapsPixel Gun 3D has unique maps of various shapes and sizes. The maps make fighting interesting and provided an element of strategy too.

  • Players also have the option to create their own servers with password protection - this means you can practice with your friends before joining a multiplayer game and unleashing your new skills on the enemies! Give this awesome pixelated shooter a try today!PlatformWeb browserControls WASD or arrow keys to move

  • Left mouse button to shoot

  • R to reload

  • Space bar to jump

  • Number keys to switch weapons


Pixel Gun 3D is a fun FPS game with a lot of charm, thanks to the pixelated and blocky graphics. With a lot of game modes to choose from, from solo campaigns to multiplayer battle royales, there is a ton of replay value found here.

Pixel Gun 3D sometimes releases promo codes. These codes can be redeemed for Coins and Gems, which are the primary currency in the game. Coins and Gems are necessary for acquiring new stuff or upgrading. Weapons, Hats, Cosmetics, Skins, Gadgets, Pets, Buildings, Backgrounds, Decorations, and much more in-game purchases require a lot of Coins and Gems. So grab them when you can.

Hitman may not be good against a group of enemies, but when you need to focus on a single target, then there is no better option. Don't let the cost of this character scare you away. He's worth every penny.

As with any other FPS games, it is very useful for you to learn the layout of the maps you play in. Some maps have special features, such as portals, secret pathways, and hiding spots. Use these to your tactical advantage in order to flank enemies, carry out stealth attacks and surprise attacks. Remember, there is a chance that other players are also familiar with these special features in maps, be careful when you plan out your strategies.

Created from the Unity Engine Block Strike is a pixelated first person shooter for those with Android devices that want a fierce block themed shooter to play on the go. With an insane number of game modes, various weapon skins and a healthy player pool the game has overcome simple design to become a staple Android FPS with well over a million ratings on the Google Play store and millions of more downloads. After completing the basic tutorial which covers controls and shooting players are let fre...[Read Review]

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