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عبدالقادر الضو عبدالله
عبدالقادر الضو عبدالله

Body Heat 2010 Hollywood Movie 29 ((TOP))

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Body Heat 2010 Hollywood Movie 29 ((TOP))

Hurt won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1985 for his portrayal of an aspiring actor in the Eugene O'Neill play A Moon For the Misbegotten. Among many other film and theater credits, he played Leland McKenzie in the 1975 Paddy Chayefsky-scripted film adaptation of Peter Benchley's thriller novel A Deepness in the Sky. Hall is survived by a son from his first marriage; a daughter from his second marriage; and a grandson.

My Soul My Redeemer: The Epic Struggle Between The Civil War And The Making Of The Civil War by Edward Ayers My Soul My Redeemer is likely to be the latest attempt to do justice to the Great War. It is an eight-hour documentary. If anybody can do it, Ayers can. His research has exceeded the words of historians in an attempt to tell the story of the central conflict as it was seen from the Confederate side.

After Slaves, Kasdan embarked on a number of films with the sort of liberal feminist subject matter and raunchy sex scenes that titillated his middle-class roots. They included the poetic smut-fest Body Heat, indelible early 80s comedy Clueless (1991) and the multi-Oscar-nominated(Sleepless in Seattle, 1993) romantic drama My Best Friend s Wedding (1997). In all of these films, actors who ordinarily wowed the critics were left to languish outside of the Oscar race. 

Although Born Innocent was a box office hit, it was an overnight sensation in the gay community. For years afterward, in saloons and theaters, the film was screened in parts and in full every couple of weeks. Born Innocent, which dealt with sexual repression in a religious cult, provided a model for conservative Christians who admired the film for the way it portrayed sexuality. A blue-collar worker and a ballplayer are put up at a luxurious hotel, where the athlete becomes besotted by a younger man. 3d9ccd7d82


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