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Veep - Season 1

Dan Bakkedahl, who played Congressman Roger Furlong, talks about how threatened he was by Matt Walsh during auditions, finding his footing among comedy legends, and how Veep changed his life. Together, Matt, Tim, and Dan walk through the climatic season finale while setting the scene for season two.

Veep - Season 1

The Blu-ray set of the first season is fairly typical and no-nonsense. Two Blu-ray discs contain all eight episodes, while a third DVD disc holds the entire season in and of itself. Sound and image quality are fine, though superfluous for a single camera comedy show like this. Extra features include a making-of documentary, a PSA and phony interview from the show, deleted scenes, previews of individual episodes culled from the original airings, and audio commentaries from the cast and crew scattered across all eight episodes. 041b061a72


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