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There are two limited formats for Flesh and Blood, where players build a deck using cards obtained at the event. The main difference is how the players' registered deck is formed. In Sealed, players open six booster packs, and all cards in those packs become their card pool. In Draft, players choose cards one at a time from a booster pack, and then pass the remaining cards around the table to be drafted, continuing until 3 packs have been opened for each player at the table. In both cases, players only need to build their deck using cards from their limited pools. They may choose any number of Young Hero and Weapon cards from the set being used for the event, and a sufficient number of such cards will generally be provided by the tournament organizer. If deck registration is required, players must choose a hero at the time of deck construction and use that hero throughout the tournament, otherwise, players may change heroes between rounds. Players may use Equipment cards, but must have those cards in their card pool. There is no restriction on using multiple copies of the same card, except that Legendary cards are still limited to one copy. At each match, players reveal their hero, then choose weapons, equipment, and a deck of at least 30 cards. Due to the rules about cards matching the Hero's Class or Talent, players may occasionally not have enough cards to build a legal 30 card deck. In this case, players are permitted to add token cards named Cracked Bauble, which have no use except to be pitched to provide two resource points. Rounds are played with single game matches and a 30 minute time limit.

Sealed Play Deck - Slot 19 full crack [pack]



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