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Holy Blood Holy Grail Bahasa Indonesia Pdf Download !NEW!

Such rational, practical explanations are, of course, far tooprosaic for hyper-imaginative Grail-hunters such as Richard Andrews and PaulSchellenberger, the authors of The Tomb of God (1996). Their insatiableappetite for occult meanings was fully satisfied by what, to them, was an'astonishing' discovery that the top of the sarcophagus is a'true square-based pyramid', the centre of which 'marks thelocation of the treasure--the tomb of God, the holy blood and the holy grail.'X marks the spot' as the authors say! (25) And what are we toconclude from their astonishing discovery? That the secret of the Grail wascommunicated to Thomas Anson by the Priory of Sion with which he is supposedto have been associated? (26) That the Shepherds' Monument was erectedby Anson as a container of the secret that will be revealed in full when thetablet of cryptic letters is deciphered? It is hoped that the Pelhamconnection presented here will be accepted as a more credible explanation ofthe monument and ultimately lead to a proper translation of its cryptictablet.

holy blood holy grail bahasa indonesia pdf download

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