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Buy Animax Ointment

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Dry scalyey skin irritation on blue chihuahua cause itchyness. Medication relieves itch an heals scaley patches. Works great! We apply the ointment and then put her zen collar on for an hour or two while it soakes in. This keeps her from licking it off.

My vet recommended this ointment on my stud colt to prevent prowl flesh his serious injury on his leg , this stuff works great for that !!! It's too expensive to buy at vet so I'm buying on line to help all my expenses.

Animax Ointment is an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antipruritic and antibacterial ointment available with a prescription from your veterinarian. It is used to treat ear infections, infected anal glands, cystic areas, and other dermatologic disorders in dogs and cats. Animax is available in multiple sizes and requires a prescription from your veterinarian.

An anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antifungal and antibacterial ointment that is useful in the treatment of acute and chronic otitis of varied causes, in interdigital cysts in cats and dogs and in anal gland infections in dogs. Also useful in the management of dermatologic disorders shown to cause inflammation and dry or exudative dermatitis, particularly those caused by bacterial or candidal (Candida albicans) infections. It can be utilized in the treatment of eczematous dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis; and as a supplemental treatment in cases of dermatitis due to parasitic infestation.

An ointment indicated in the treatment of acute and chronic otitis of varied etiologies, in interdigital cysts in cats and dogs and in anal gland infections in dogs. Animax Ointment is indicated in the management of dermatologic disorder in dogs and cats, characterized by inflammation. Used in treatment of skin, bacterial and fungal infecti ons in dogs and cats. Ingredients: Nystatin Neomycin Sulfate, Thiostrepton and Triamcinolo ne Acetonide in a polyethylene and mineral oil base.

Animax is a topical ointment used commonly in the veterinary field. It is made up of a combination of medications: nystatin (antifungal), neomycin (antibiotic), thiostrepton (antimicrobial), and triamcinolone (steroid).

Animax is FDA-approved for the treatment of severe and chronic otitis (ear infection) of varied etiologies, for interdigital cysts in cats and dogs, and for anal gland infections in dogs. This veterinarian-prescribed ointment is also approved to help manage certain skin disorders in both cats and dogs.

First, the biggest disadvantage of Animax ointment is that it is only available by prescription. Your vet may require an exam or other services for you to get the medication. Due to this, you will have to physically travel to the vet clinic. Additionally, Animax is only available from a veterinary licensed pharmacy. This fact makes it less available, as pet specific pharmacies are few and far between.

Unfortunately, there has been mention of dogs going deaf after using Animax ointment in their ears. Due to numerous reports, the drug company has added deafness as a known side effect to all of their inserts and safety materials.

Bacterial, yeast, and fungal infections on the skin, ears, or anal glands can be difficult to combat in dogs and cats who tend to lick and bite wounds. Fast, effective treatment is key and prescription Viaderm-KC Ointment delivers. This effective ointment combines: Nystatin, an antifungal; Neomycin Sulfate, an antibiotic; Gramacidin, an antibacterial; and Triamcinolone Acetonide to reduce itching. Ideal for gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and complex infections that are itchy, dry, and inflamed. Compare Viaderm-KC Ointment to Animax, Posatex, Quadritop. 59ce067264


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