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the "activated" license has "the ability to use all features of the product for the term for which it was purchased." that means for the license to become activated it has to be brought into your state of residence. it is the only document that needs to be validated and signed by the customer. it is the legal evidence that the agreement has been entered into between you and the seller in your state.


phone: 1-800-449-9720 hours: monday through friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (excluding major holidays). type of coverage: you are entitled to the assistive services of a state licensed vocational rehabilitation (lcvr) counselor for the duration of the period of coverage for your personal indemnity health insurance. qualified lcvr counselors are available in most lcvr programs. unqualified counselors may not be able to provide you with the necessary services. it is your responsibility to determine whether a counselor is qualified prior to your appointment. a counselor will not work as an independent contractor. an independent contractor works under no supervision or direction. the only time an independent contractor would be required to consult with you about your claim is when making a decision about whether to continue or terminate an appointment. if you have a problem with a counselor or you think the counselor is not offering you the necessary services, you should contact your personal and family services program coordinator.

phone: 1-800-813-0978 hours: monday through friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (excluding major holidays). type of coverage: the employer will pay the cost of the medical treatment for your employee and his or her family if the injury is caused by an event related to their employment. this benefit is part of the state and federal retirement system, so some of this benefit may be restricted to people who have retired, worked a specified number of years or retired from the fire department.


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