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This Act is set within Spagonia and takes place across the town. Here, the player starts out by racing down a winding pathway leading up to a street with some open gardens and Grind Rails hidden behind pots of flowers. The player will then alternate between running through the narrow streets and crossing the rooftops. After the player has crossed over the first aqueduct, they will crash through the roof of a tower, where they have to skydive while avoiding iron balls. After exiting the tower, the player will enter a Quick Step section where they will face a group of Aero-Chasers, before re-entering the alleys and rooftops. There, the player will face a section with vine barrels rolling the player, some of them equipped with spikes that can harm the player. Afterwards, the player has to scale a large clock tower, before making it across the rooftops to the top of another aqueduct. There, the player will face another incoming trio of self-replacing Aero Chasers until the end of the aqueduct where the Goal is. It is in this act that Sonic and Chip are looking for one of the halves of Spagonia's Gaia Key.


This Act takes place in the lower parts of town, going up from the streets to the rooftops. Here, the player's objective is to find and collect all ten Chao that are scattered over the stage within five minutes. Being a searching mission, this Act focuses heavily on platforming. This Act's entire gameplay is played in 2.5D

This Act includes the majority of Rooftop Run. Two thirds of the Stage take place through the alleys and streets of Spagonia, occasionally having to use the Sonic Drift to get through tight and sharp turns on the path. At the beginning, the player starts out by running through the main urbanized streets and alleys of the town. The player then starts to arrive in more open and varied sections of the town, passing down roads with trees on the sides, crossing over parks and running alongside canals, with each section separated by urbanized areas. After the water canals, the player re-enters the closely packed part of town, before getting to the rooftops where the player has to scale two clock towers. Afterwards, the player arrives and runs across the top of an aqueduct while being confronted by an Aero-Chaser, before arriving at the Goal Ring at the end of the aqueduct.

This Act takes place in the residential and public areas of Spagonia. For the first half of the Act, the player proceeds through various public alleys, while fighting off waves of Dark Gaia's Minions and unlocking doors. Around the middle of the act, the player will arrive at a cathedral, where they have to defeat a few waves of enemies. Once the player gets to the cathedral, however, the following path will be blocked by a Dark Energy Force Field. To unlock the force field, the player must collect three Dark Energy Keys around the cathedral. After unlocking the force field, the player will re-enter the alleys for a while, before getting to a platformed that can be raised by pulling a switch. This platform leads to some rooftops. The player then has to travel across a series of rooftops while avoiding or defeating Dark Bats in order to get to the Goal Ring at the top of the final roof. Behind the final roof, Sonic can climb down to find a hidden item. Falling down from the roofs at this point will bring the player back to street level where some shops lie. Items can be found down close-by alleys. If the player finds themselves stuck down here they will have to climb back up using a pole.

After the section where you defeat enemies to lower a pulley, walk back in the 2D section, and skirt the edge of the house's rooftop. You can make it into 3D in the 2D area, or take a large shortcut through nonsolid level geometry.

  • Spagonia DirectoryA list of all 23 Spagonians you can talk to.Townperson's Number/NamePhysical Description and LocationMissionsDirectory Description11. GigiAn old man with a mustache standing in front of a restaurant in the middle of the Town Stage, across from the shop1 DeliveryChef at a well-established restaurant popular with students. It has been in his family for three generations. He fills his days by energetically searching for new menu items, but leaves the rigorous taste testing to Barbara.12. OttoAn old man wearing glasses and holding a cane, who stands in front of the first steps to the universityNoneLandlord of the student apartment building. Otto has an uncanny knack for pegging which of his tenants has a thing for whom, but sometimes all the love in the air leaves him a bit choked up for his own youthful romances.13. BarbaraShe stands to the left of her husband, GigiExorcismGigi's wife, who minds the dining room. To this day, her cheerful smile continues to draw the customers in. Of course, Barbara also helps taste test Gigi's newest culinary creations, and the rigors of the task over the years have made her girlish figure a thing of the past.14. IrmaAn eldery woman, with the lime green hat, who stands in the alley on the right side of the Town Stage. She appears after Clearing Savannah Citadel Night Act 1NoneIppolita's grandmother, who keeps her hat on so tight that very few get a good look at her face. Irma's hobby is hat making, and she happens to be quite good at it. Sadly, though, her charming chapeaus seem to be meant for one head only: hers.15. JosefShop Owner/Across from where Gigi and Barbara standNoneThe owner of Josef's, and not a terribly creative thinker, as the name of his shop surely implies. Recently, Josef realized he didn't have enough hobbies outside of work, so he took up jogging, painting, and photography. None of these endeavors lasted very long.16. MarcantonioIn the beginning, he stands near the World Map Entrance.2 RegularThough he seems aloof and cool, this dandy actually sports an interesting ability. He's also single at the moment.17. CiccioAfter Clearing Savannah Citadel Night Act 1, you will find him in the left alley.1 Regular and 1 DeliveryNatalia's husband, a talented shoemaker. For 20 years, he's fussed over every instep and insole. Not long ago, Ciccio heard about wondrous shoes that turn their wearer into a speed demon, and would give anything for a peek at them.18. DeniseShe stands in front of her salon, on the straight path from the World Map GateNoneProprietor of a beauty salon. She's famous in town for her novel hairstyles, and prides herself in always being able to spot the latest fads. Since laying her eyes on Sonic, Denise has been sighted carting home armfuls of mousse. What could she be planning?19. AidaA woman standing in the shade, in front of a jewelry shopExorcism and 1 RegularOwner of a Spagonian jewelry shop. This lady of leisure loves two things: elegance and beauty. Naturally, Aida considers herself a paragon of both, which would explain why her room is plastered with pictures of herself.20. NataliaIn the beginning, she's stand on the path from the World Map Gate, behind Marcantonio and Mauro. Later, she will stand to the right of her husband, Ciccio1A former supermodel whose looks could floor anybody. She's still beautiful: a loving mother of two and a source of strength for her shoemaker husband. Natalia makes a mean cheese pizza.21. FrancoA young man walking in front of the UniversityNoneFederica's cousin, and also a friend of Raimondo since they were little. He lives in the student dorms. Don't let the blank stare fool you; Franco is the son of a rich entrepreneur, and a very bright student. For some time now, he's had eyes for Lilli.22. DavidA guy wearing a green shirt. He walks in front the fountainNoneA student at Spagonia U. He can be a clown sometimes, but otherwise he's a nice young man who has no trouble getting along with anybody. David is looking for a family-minded girl.23. RaimondoA young man wearing a vanilla colored jacket. In the beginning, he stands on the first set of stairs.NoneA student at Spagonia U. and a friend of Franco's since childhood. He's a bit of a lone wolf, and skips classes in favor of spending time by himself. Raimondo doesn't mince words or make any effort to hide his moody side, but supposedly the ladies really dig that.24. FedericaIn the beginning, she walks in front of the shop.NoneA student at Spagonia U. She's Franco's cousin, and a woman of action: once she gets an idea, she always follows through. The downside: most of her ideas involve partying instead of studying.25. LilliA young lady wearing a jacket and shorts. In the beginning, she stands to the right of the first steps to the collegeNoneA mature and sensible archaeology major who lives in the student dorm. She is a year older than her classmates. While Lilli stands at the head of her class, she looks at the people around her and wishes there was more to her life than just being serious all the time.26. DoraA girl with a pink shirt. She normally stands to the right of the fountain during the day.NoneA university student who attends Professor Pickle's class for her major. Dora has a good heart, but she's still working on the ABCs of courtship: when boys at school talk to her, she stares at the floor and clams right up. She makes a delicious cabbage roll.27. ElioA boy with an unusually shaped head. 3Ciccio's son. The fact that he inherited his father's facial features bothers him to no end, but he's far too nice a kid to ever say anything about it.28. MauroIn the beginning, he'll stand near the right alley, near the World Map GateNoneSpagonia's number-one troublemaker, who subjects his primary target (that would be Denise) to every manner of prank and shenanigan imaginable. There does seem to be a motive behind Mauro's mayhem, though.29. LuciaIn the beginning, she will stand on the corner, with her brother Elio. Later,NoneNatalia's daughter. She can almost always be found playing with her brother, Elio. Lucia exercises regularly so as not to follow in her mother's footsteps, but is much too considerate to mention that to her pudgy mum.30. IppolitaIn the beginning, she stands to the left of the Shop.1A little girl who lives with her grandmother, Irma. She is exceptionally responsible for her age, and never seems to stop running errands. Ippolita dreams of attending the university when she grows up, so she can "get in a 'ploma."31. Prof. Pickle's AssistantA young man standing to the left of Prof. Pickle's Spagonian Lab. Later, he will stand near the World Map GateNoneProfessor Pickle's helper and his greatest admirer. He takes his sweet time with just about everything, which explains why he's often plugging away at all the same work for three days when anybody else would have it finished in one.32. Professor PickleImpossible to missNoneA professor of archeology at Spagonia U. and the preeminent scholar of all matters pertaining to Dark Gaia. Professor Pickle loves cucumber sandwiches. Professor Pickle loves cucumber sandwiches. In fact, students nice enough to drop off cucumbery care packages have noted a slight bump in their grades. Coincidence?33. Spagonian Hot Dog VendorTo the right of Prof Pickle's Lab15 Hot DogThe manager of the Don Faccho hot dog mega-franchise's Spagonia location. He's easily the biggest narcissist in hot dogs and makes a weiner with remarkable depth and complexity.Spagonia's Town Stage ShopAvailability: After Clearing Savannah Citadel Night Act 1 Josef's: Spagonia SouvenirsSouvenirPriceAvailabilitySpagonia Photo Frame100 RingsOnce the Shop is OpenSpagonia Miniature Flag100 RingsOnce the Shop is OpenMaschera150 RingsAfter Clearing Rooftop Run Night Act 1 and Cool Edge Day Act 1Spagonian Cameo200 RingsOnce the Shop is Open Josef's: Spagonia Food MarketFood's NameExperienceDoes Chip like it?PriceAvailabilityCheese10 EXPYes70 RingsAfter Clearing Rooftop Run Day Act 1/Dragon Road Day Act 1Pasta alla Paccico10 EXPYes80 RingsAlwaysBaguetti5 EXPYes40 RingsAlwaysTomato5 EXPYes30 RingsAfter Clearing Dragon Road Night Act 1/Defeating the Night Boss: Dark Gaia PhoenixChili Dog30 EXPNo50 RingsAlwaysStrawberry Cake30 EXPYes60 RingsAlwaysDonut20 EXPYes50 RingsAlwaysCanned Juice10 EXPYes40 RingsAlways Josef's: Spagonia Furniture, Books, and ElectronicsCollectible ItemPriceAvailabilityBookshelf 300 RingsOnce the Shop is OpenTV 1,000 RingsOnce the Shop is OpenGramophone 500 RingsOnce the Shop is OpenArt Book 69 100 RingsOnce the Shop is OpenRecord 46 (Spagonia-Day) 100 RingsOnce the Shop is OpenRecord 47 (Spagonia-Night) 100 RingsOnce the Shop is OpenVideotape 22 100 RingsAppears after Defeating the Night Boss: Dark Gaia PhoenixAfter you buy the Bookshelf, TV, and Gramophone, they will automatically appear in Professor Pickle's Lab.Spagonia Entrance StageAvailability: Speak to Professor Pickle in his Lab after Defeating the Day Boss: Egg Beetle1st Time: Only Rooftop Run Night Act 1 and Tornado Defense Act 1 is Available. If Sonic has the Stomping Shoes, he can also grab the Wall Jump Shoes.

  • Spagonia Entrance Stage ItemsRegular ItemsDayNightRings21815 near the Night Act 1 Gaia Gate and 9 near the ElevatorExtra Lives3 Above Ground and 1 Underground1 UndergroundRooftop Run Gaia Gate, Tornado Defense Act 1 Gaia Gate, and Egg Devil Ray Boss Gate LocationsThe Rooftop Run Night Act 1 Gaia Gate is near the hourglass as soon as you enter the Entrance Stage. Go straight to find an area Sonic can Wall Jump, to be put on a Grind Rail. Follow it to the Spring and do a Stomp at the right time to land on the platform with the Rooftop Run Day Act 1 Gaia Gate.

  • If you take the same Grind Rail and Jump and hit the Spring to the right, Home Attack/Air Boost into the Rainbow Ring to be taken to the Tornado Defense Act 1 Gaia Gate. Use the Step Switches to get out of that area.

  • On the opposite side of the Rooftop Run Day Act 1 Gaia Gate, on the ground, is the Day Boss: Egg Devil Ray Boss Gate. Behind the Boss Gate is a Wall Jump area that goes to the Rooftop Run Day Act 3 Gaia Gate (time your Wall Jump so you don't hit the Egg Springs).

  • The Rooftop Run Day Act 2 Gaia Gate is underground. First, go to the area where you found the Wall Jump Shoes, and attack the hourglass near the lever. Now pull the lever and get inside the elevator. Once you're underground, hit the Hourglass, grab some Rings, Boost across the water, and you'll reach the Rooftop Run Day Act 2 Gaia Gate.

  • Spagonia Entrance Stage Collectible Item LocationsOrder and ItemDay or Night?Location1. Wall Jump ShoesDaytime OnlyTo get the Wall Jump Shoes, Stomp down on the Stomp Switch to the right and grab the Pulley that comes down. Sonic will be taken to the area on the right section of the Entrance Stage. After the camera shows you where the shoes are, go to the side of the pillar to the left of it to grab another Pulley. Take it to the top and use a Homing Attack on the Spring, then do a timed Stomp to land on the Step Switch in the middle. Now Sonic can get the Wall Jump Shoes.Need the Stomping Shoes!2. Sun Medal #1Daytime OnlyFrom #1, Wall Jump in the same area with the trail of Rings and Hint Ring to grab Sun Medal #1.3. Art Book 30AnytimeOn top of one of the 4 pillars is Art Book 30.4. Moon Medal #1AnytimeThere's another pillar that Sonic can Wall Jump that has a Moon Medal.5. Art Book 31Daytime OnlyFrom #4, there's a row of Rings Sonic can Ring Dash that will take you to Art Book 31.Need the Stomping Shoes, Wall Jump Shoes, and Light Speed Dash Shoes!6. Sun Medal #2, Record 2, and Moon Medal #2Nighttime OnlyIn the underground area, punch the White Switch to open a gate, and then use the Side Poles to the left to reach Sun Medal #2 and Record 2 (Vocal Theme "Endless Possibility"). There's also a moving platform with Moon Medal #2 on it.Recap: 2 Sun Medals, 2 Moon Medals, Wall Jump Shoes, Art Book 30, Art Book 31, and Record 2 (Vocal Theme "Endless Possibility") Total: 8 Collectible ItemsTornado Defense Act 1Availability: After Clearing Windmill Isle Night Act 1. You have to beat this level for the first time in order to continue the game. Once you Clear it for the first time, you can play it again on the World Map in Stage Select in Spagonia during the Day or by finding the Gaia Gate in the Spagonia Entrance StageSummary: While on route to Spagonia, Dr. Eggman appears to try to block the Tornado. While Tails pilots the plane, Sonic must man the guns.

  • This entire level is based on Quick Time Elements, where all you have to is hit the buttons shown on the screen when you see them. When you make successive hits you make Combos. If you press the wrong button or press buttons when nothing is shown the combo ends and you can't shoot momentarily. When this happens, press LB/RB alternately to recover.Waves of EnemiesComboBoss: Egg CauldronThere are 2 ways to defeat this boss. You can either defeat it or keep your shield from hitting 0 until time runs out (2 minutes). When a larger Button is shown with a number next to it, press it the number of times shown to do damage to Egg Cauldron. Still, watch out for missiles when it does appear onscreen.

  • Tornado Defense Act 1 Final ScoresRankPoints NeededS? or MoreA?-410286-?B200000-266355-?C?-191728-199999D?-?E? or LessRooftop Run Day Act 1Availability: After Defeating the Night Boss: Dark Gaia Phoenix, talking to Professor Pickle, getting the Wall Jump Shoes, and Collecting at least 30 Sun Medals (Sun Level 3)Rings: Coming Soon

  • Extra Lives: Coming Soon

  • Experience: ? EXP Bars/? EXP

  • Summary: Sonic runs through the city, on the rooftops, through the streets, and up the clock tower to get to the Spagonia Day Gaia Key. There are several pathways Sonic can take while running through the level. This also is the first Day Act that introduces Skydiving and the Aero Chasers. Once you've collected the other Hedgehog's Special Shoes, you'll find some nice shortcuts.

Walkthrough: From the start boost down the path. After the rail section, boost to the right, where the flower pots are, and take the left rail. When you see the spikes switch to the right rail and boost. Jump onto the fountain to be sent into the Directional Launcher. Then travel to the right until you run over the ramp and Wall Jump. Run into another Directional Launcher and Wall Jump up the side. Boost from here and at the corner drift to the left or run into the rail. Then move and dodge cor


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