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Fix Msvcr100.dll Not Found or Missing Errors in Windows

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sniper ghost warrior 2 msvcr100.dll is missing error

The Sniper Ghost warrior 2 Android game experience is quite simple. You hold and attack enemy. You can then dodge enemy attacks. You can also kill enemies with accurate aim. You can also follow them to check their location.

I searched online and downloaded the uplay_r1_loader64.dll file from here, and then tried to install it. I followed the instructions, but still failed. One more thing that I have observed is that if I restart the computer, the uplay_r1_loader64.dll error would start after few minutes. So I had to keep restarting the computer until it worked, which was a real pain to fix this error. In the end, I stopped the computer after fixing the uplay_r1_loader64.dll is missing error and hope the gaming experience would be better. 

I also tried to create a new Steam account, but it didnt help for that fix. The uplay_r1_loader64.dll is missing error always occurred after few minutes of restarting the computer. This is the only time I had to contact the official support. They told me that as a precaution, they are protecting their games from piracy. I had to uninstall the uplay_r1_loader64.dll is missing game and then install it again. As soon as I did that, the error was gone.


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