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Yeremey Grishin
Yeremey Grishin


most of the skins are compressed zip files. if you have a slow connection, you might want to download the skins as a zip file and decompress them later. you should be able to unzip them with the windows zip tool or winrar. if you have any problems with any of the skins, contact us at . we're also always willing to help!


Download Zip:

once you have downloaded the skin images, you can unzip them into the skin directory, which is located in the folder you are using to look at stream's manual page. once in there you can create custom skins for your website. you can also use a pair of skins or use a mix of skins. for each skin, you will need to tell the server where it is located. it will usually default to 'web','stream','skin' or similar. 'web' is the default skin. you can add additional skins as needed in the manual's section on skins .

#right now i use this person, with one of the websites i do this. i remember that i tried using a search, and some other site as well. #later on, i used the one he showed me, which i can't remember the name of#. #i would bet it is actually better than the one that came with ubuntu#. #but it seemed slow and i do so much stuff that it takes me a long time to get something done#. #sounds like he stole his software#. #maybe i'm just impatient, but i like to be able to move fast, and download a linux version, check it out and make it a custom usb to boot from#. #like the time i wanted to make a bootable flash drive and use norton ghost to make a custom usb live drive#. #hmm.. i think i remember asking on irc for a flash drive with ubuntu installed and running, to be able to make a bootable version so i could check it out#. #anyhow i'm sure that you can just make a clean install cd/dvd or usb with ubuntu#. #it's worth a try#.


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